SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 475/598: Teaching Practicum
Fall 2020


This class will consist of two parts: for the first several weeks, we meet together in a group and discuss various teaching cases; in the second half of the class, there will be no general meetings - instead, I will visit each of your recitations in turn and will discuss your teaching with you one-on-one.

There will be no exams nor a final exam.

Below is the tentative list of presentations:

  • Sept 1: Jacob Laxer: case 7, Prabhat Devkota: case 3
  • Sept 3: Willie Lim: case 9, Mingming Lang: case 13
  • Sept 8: Blythe Davis: case 4 (first half), Karina Cho: case 1
  • Sept 10: Junbang Liu, Conghan Dong: case study not from the book
  • Sept 15: Dylan Galt: case 5, Bowen Zhang: case 12, part 3 (multivariable calculus)
  • Sept 17: Luke Kiernan, Mohamad Rabah
  • Sept 22: Yu Xiao: case 8, Vinny Canto Costa