SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 475/598: Teaching Practicum
Fall 2020

Teaching Practicum -- checklist.

  • I come to class on time.

  • I have gone over all the homework problems the students may ask about, and sketched out in my mind how they are to be solved.
  • If appropriate, I have made a choice of representative problems to work.
  • I speak directly to students and ask if they had problems with last week's material.

  • I am trying to learn the names of all my students. Eventually I will be able to call on them by name in class.
  • If I am not a Long Island native, I make sure to speak slowly and to check that the students understand what I am saying. In any case, I always write unfamiliar terms (and proper nouns) on the board.
  • I remember to call on male and female students equally often.

  • I make an effort to keep my blackboard work organized, so that a student who looks at his/her notes can pick up the ongoing work.
  • I try to use blackboard space intelligently, writing down only what is necessary, using intelligible abbreviations, etc.
  • I always answer questions carefully and sympathetically, making sure that I have addressed the question the student wanted to ask.
    (I ask "Did I answer your question?" if there's any doubt). I try to let the students know I am grateful for their asking questions.
  • I plan work so I can finish on time. E.g. I don't start a long calculation 5 minutes before the end of class.
  • I remember to smile, so students can see that I enjoy math and that I enjoy teaching.