Basic Real Analysis, Digital Second Edition

Published by the author, 2016.
Digital version in PDF only, freely distributed, not to be sold.
Distributed by Project Euclid free of charge with ISBN 978-1-4297-9999-7.
812+xxviii pages.

A companion volume Advanced Real Analysis, Digital Second Edition, appeared in its original version 2016 and in a Corrected Version in 2017.
It has no ISBN.

Chapter Titles: 

Theory of Calculus in One Real Variable
Metric Spaces
Theory of Calculus in Several Real Variables
Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations and Systems
Lebesgue Measure and Abstract Measure Theory
Measure Theory for Euclidean Space
Differentiation of Lebesgue Integrals on the Line
Fourier Transform in Euclidean Space
L^p Spaces
Topological Spaces
Integration on Locally Compact Spaces
Hilbert and Banach Spaces
Appendix A: Background Topics
Appendix B: Elementary Complex Analysis

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