Visualizing Women in Science, Mathematics and Engineering
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  • Time and the number theorist,
    Antonia Bluher
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    I am a mathematician,
    Janet Talvacchia
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    I am a computer scientist,
    Eve Schooler
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    Dancing to the music in higher dimension,
    Kate Okikiolu

    Visualizing Mathematics,
    Dusa McDuff
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    Mathematics: the equations of nature,
    Karen Uhlenbeck
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    Chaos and weather,
    Lisa Borland

    The golden mean

    Wavelets, Marie Farge

    Aurora Borealis,
    Margaret Kivelson

    Swimming through space,
    Andrea Ghez

    Thoughts and models, Catherine Kallin

    Understanding Materials,
    Andrea Liu
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    Seeing the unseen symmetries

    Seeing the light,
    Ariane Eberhardt

    Frances Hellman

    Collaboration in science


    Squeezing the Phase Space,
    Dusa McDuff

    Families in science,
    The Bahcall family
    Leah Bahcall
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    Asking the right questions,
    Jean Taylor
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    What Is Scientific Truth?
    poster text

    Joan Birman
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    Hard glittering snow,
    Anne Nolin

    Opals and Butterfly Wings

    Spinning and balance

    Seeing infrared

    Kathryn Moler

    Diving into history,
    Elpida Hadjidaki

    The language of love,
    Nili Mandelblit

    Patterns in life

    Biology of sleeping

    Surfing Flies,
    Judith Lengyel

    Molecules to the mind,
    Mary Jane England

    At what point do you know you really understand something?
    Rosalind Franklin

    Tiling the plane,
    Anaradha Jaannathan

    Women in a lab: from then to now,
    Joan M. Hart