Math 331: Mathematical Problem Solving with Computers
Professor Sutherland, with B. Hinkle and J. Latschev
Fall 1996

Things to read

Exercise 0: pretty basic email.   due Monday, September 9.
Send an email message to the instructors of this course, at

Exercise 1: some elementary maple.  due Friday, September 20.
Just do the problems in the handout, also available in PostScript [ps], which looks better when printed.
Solutions are available, in the following formats: [ps], [ms], or [txt].

Project 1: Plotting in 2 and 3 dimensions.   due Monday, October 7.
There are 4 problems in the handout, of varying degrees of difficulty and vagueness, all involving graphics. You may find it useful to glance at the relevant notes on plotting above. Or, you might care to look at the solutions ([ms], [txt].

Project 2: Least-squares fitting to data. due Friday, October 25.
This project is concerned with fitting a circle to given data Sets of sample data for each student are available.

Project 3: A Differential Equations Model of a Glider . due Wednesday, November 13.
This project is analyzing the flight of a glider as given by a system of ordinary differential equations.
You are given the maple code to compute the distance the glider flies with a given initial angle, velocity and height.

Project 4: Self Similar Fractals. due Friday, December 13.
For this project, we will make some fractals in maple.