Math 118
Information concerning the final exam.

The test will be 2 hours long, given in the same room we usually have class, on Monday, May 19 at 11 am. You may not use any notes or books. You can use a calculator if you like. Please bring a photo ID.

Make up tests will be allowed only if pre-arranged. If you are sick, please email or call me in my office (632-7306) before the test.

The exam will be cumulative, and cover all we have talked about, although I will not put any mixed-strategy game theory problems on the exam. In particular, you are responsible for

You might find the following information sheets useful: summary of topics for exam 1, summary of topics for exam 2. Also useful is the information sheet from last semester, which has an extensive summary of many of the topics.

As practice, I suggest you make sure that you make sure you can do the problems on the in-class quizzes, and the bulk of the assigned homework problems (see the schedule). You can also use the final from last fall (PDF) and the final from 2001 (PDF) (with solutions (PDF)) to help you study. Note that they had a slightly different selection of topics. In particular, neither course did game theory, and they did number theory in 2001. Don't worry if you can't do problems 6, 7a or 7d on the 2001 exam, since we didn't cover those topics.
Make sure that you also understand Game Trees and payoff matrices, which are not on these finals but are fair game for ours.