Radu Laza

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Stony Brook University

(On sabbatical leave during AY 2016/17)

Office: Math 4-121

E-mail: radu.laza@stonybrook.edu

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Algebraic Geometry, esp. moduli problems, degenerations, singularities, special classes of varieties (K3s, Calabi-Yau, Hyperkahler manifolds).

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Expository lecture series given at: Luminy (Jan 2017), Guanajuato (CIMPA-CIMAT-ICTP school, Feb 2016), Angers (June 2014), KAIST (Mar 2014), Fields Institute (Aug and Nov 2013), Vancouver (Jul 2013), Barcelona (May 2013).

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My papers on arXiv. My Scholar profile.

My research is partially supported by NSF (CAREER DMS-125481). I am also part of an FRG group "Hodge theory, Moduli and Representation theory" (DMS-1361143) with P. Brosnan, M. Kerr, G. Pearlstein, and C. Robles. The generous support of Simons Foundation and FSMP (Paris) is also acknowledged.

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