What can be done

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do. All the formalities have been taken care of, the apartment is vacated.

The most important thing we can do now is to help their parents and grandparents. If you can, please, call or visit them from time to time - they'd appreciate that. You can find their addresses here; please note that Igor's father now has e-mail address .

Igor's parents asked if you could write for them something about Igor and Anya. If you can, please, do so and send your letter to Ashita Doshi (adoshi@opal.tufts.edu). Please indicate if you like your letter to be posted on this homepage.

Also, the parents would like to have photos of all Igor and Anya's friends. So please, send your own photo (2 copies) so that we could make an album. If you have a really good photo of Anya and Igor, send it as well. People from LCS and AI laboratories at MIT please contact Joanne Talbot (joanne@theory.lcs.mit.edu); all others please contact me ( Shurik Kirillov , kirillov@math.mit.edu).

Finally, many people asked if money are needed. Hopefully, funeral and other costs will be covered by insurances. I ask you to contribute the money to the fund established in the memory of Igor and Anya to buy medical equipment for Moscow, or to MIT fund to support undergraduate students' research.