Igor Slobodkin and Anya Pogosyants Memorial Fund

In the memory of Igor and Anya, it was decided to establish a fund, which could be used to help other people. Since Igor's mother is Moscow's chief nefrologist, she suggested that the money can be used to buy medical equipment for Moscow - more precisely, the hemodialyzer ("artificial kidney"). At the moment, they only have enough equipment to help less than half of people who need it; others die. A hemodialyzer costs around $25,000 and saves lives of 4 to 6 people. Please, be generous.

People in USA can make contributions by sending a check to the address below. The contributions are tax deductible.

The Igor Slobodkin and Anna Pogosyants Memorial Fund
c/o The Sackler School
Tufts University
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

The check should be payable to Tufts University. In the "Memo" line, please write "Igor Slobodkin and Anya Pogosyants Memorial Fund".