Anya Pogosyants UROP Fund

Below is the letter Prof's Nancy Lynch and John Guttag wrote:

To all of Anya Pogosyants' friends:

With the support of Mike Dertouzos for LCS, we are starting a fund for the support of an undergraduate research student, in the areas of Anya's research interests (loosely construed). This will basically fund a special UROP position, which will have her name associated with it. It should go to a top-notch UROP, chosen each year by an LCS committee, and should be regarded as prestigious; it may carry a slightly higher stipend than the normal UROP position. It will not be limited to any particular research groups.

Anya's parents were very interested in this idea, and offered to contribute some funds of their own. LCS will also provide funds. We are soliciting funds from any of her friends who want to contribute. We think it's important to Anya's parents that a lot of people contribute, even if the donations are small.

If you are interested in donating money to this fund, please contact Joanne Talbot, Thank you.

John Guttag
Nancy Lynch

Another relevant letter:

From: (Randall Davis)
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 96 11:33:02 est
To: all-ai
Addendum from Joanne Talbot

An account number will be set up under the name of ``Anya Pogosyants' UROP Fund'' and the donations will be managed by the LCS Headquarters department. The people who want to make donations can write out a check to MIT, with a note that it's for this fund (actually, it should be placed in the memo part of the check that it's for this fund). The faculty here who have certain discretionary accounts may use that money for the fund, as well.

If you would like to make a contribution, please send the check to the attention of Lissa Natkin at NE43-101 if you are from MIT, or if you are from outside of MIT:

Lissa Natkin
32 Vassar Street (32-G424)
Cambridge, MA 02139

A note will be sent to Anya's parents each time a donation is made, with the contributor's name on it. This adds a very nice touch I think.

Thanks much, Joanne.

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