Lie Groups Beyond an Introduction, Second Edition

Progress in Mathematics, vol. 140, Birkhäuser, Boston, 2002.
ISBN: 0-8176-4259-5.
812+xviii pages.

Chapter Titles:

Introduction: Closed Linear Groups
Lie Algebras and Lie groups
Complex Semisimple Lie Algebras
Universal Enveloping Algebra
Compact Lie Groups
Finite-dimensional Representations
Structure Theory of Semisimple Groups
Advanced Structure Theory
Induced Representations and Branching Theorems
Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces
Appendix A: Tensors, Filtrations, and Gradings
Appendix B: Lie's Third Theorem
Appendix C: Data for Simple Lie Algebras

File Available:

Front matter - PDF


Sigurdur Helgason and Mayer Landau have kindly pointed out corrections and other remarks concerning the book. Those corrections, a few other corrections, one addition, and some remarks are included in the file below.

Corrections, an addition, and some remarks (7/7/2017) - PDF


Files of abstracts of chapters that are new or substantially changed from the first edition are available as follows.

Abstract of Introduction - PDF
Abstract of Chapter I - PDF
Abstract of Chapter IX - PDF
Abstract of Chapter X - PDF
Abstract of Appendix B - PDF

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