Title: Analysis I

Description: A careful study of the theory underlying calculus. The development of the real number system, limits and infinite sequences, functions of one real variable, continuity, differentiability, the Riemann integral, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Full attention to proofs is given. All topics in MAT131 are included, although the presentation differs significantly. May not be taken for credit in addition to MAT 125, MAT 131, or AMS 151. A student who successfully completes both MAT 141 and 142 will receive equivalency for MAT 320. This course has been designated as a High Demand/Controlled Access (HD/CA) course. Students registering for HD/CA courses for the first time will have priority to do so.

Prerequisite: Level 5 on the mathematics placement examination; priority given to students in the University's honors programs



Credits: 4

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