Office Hours

Personal Office Hours:

Tuesday 10-11am

MLC hours:

Wednesday 10:30-12:30

Fall 18

MAT200 Logic, Language and Proof
MAT364 Topology and Geometry

Past Teaching

As Instructor:

Summer I 2015:

Summer II 2017:
MAT126 Course Page

Summer II 2018:
MAT127 Course Page

As TA:

Spring 2018:
Recitation: Multivariable Calculus (Recitation);
Grading: Complex Analysis (Graduate)
Fall 2017:
Grading: Geometry for Teachers (Graduate);
Probability for Teachers (Graduate);
Spring 2017:
Grading: Complex Analysis (Graduate)
Fall 12 to Fall 16:
Recitation: Various Calculus courses (PreCalc, Calc A, B, C, I, II, III)