Vinicius C. Costa

Welcome to my website! I am a second-year Math Ph.D. student at Stony Brook.
I'm interested in Low-dimensional Topology and related areas.
My CV.
My github page is here.
Personal blog at Medium.


Currently I'm reading Morse Theory. Some of the books include Morse Theory and Lectures on the h-Cobordism Theorem, by Milnor.


MAT 125, Fall 2021

Recitations 25, 45.

MAT 131, Summer I 2021

The Syllabus is here. You can click here for the course materials.

MAT 126, Fall 2020

Recitations 03, 05.


Some solved problems on Integral Curves and Flows from Lee's book on Smooth Manifolds. ISM_Chapter9.
Informal notes on Morse Homology with integer coefficients and Orientation of the Moduli Spaces of Flow Lines. Orientation_Moduli_Space.


My favorite mathematical object. My second favorite mathematical object.