Erice 2001
Photos: Erice   Segesta & Selinute

Click on any of the thumbnails and use the (navigational) arrows to browse other photos. Better quality jpegs (from 1600x1200 pixels originals) are in this directory. These files have the same names as the photos in the current web gallery but some are rather large (up to 1700K) and all of them need to be rescaled if printed. Click here to go to the workshop top page.
128-2860_IMG 128-2862_IMG 128-2864_IMG 128-2866_IMG 128-2867_IMG
128-2868_IMG 128-2869_IMG 128-2870_IMG 128-2871_IMG 128-2873_IMG
128-2874_IMG 128-2875_IMG 128-2876_IMG 128-2878_IMG 128-2879_IMG
128-2880_IMG 128-2881_IMG 128-2883_IMG 128-2884_IMG 128-2885_IMG
128-2886_IMG 128-2887_IMG 128-2888_IMG 128-2889_IMG 128-2891_IMG
128-2893_IMG 128-2894_IMG 128-2895_IMG 128-2896_IMG 128-2897_IMG
128-2898_IMG 128-2899_IMG 128-2900_IMG 129-2901_IMG 129-2903_IMG
129-2904_IMG 129-2905_IMG 129-2906_IMG 129-2908_IMG 129-2909_IMG
129-2910_IMG 129-2913_STD 129-2924_IMG 129-2925_IMG 129-2926_IMG
129-2927_IMG 129-2928_IMG 129-2930_IMG 129-2931_IMG 129-2932_IMG
129-2933_IMG 129-2934_IMG 129-2938_IMG 129-2946_IMG 129-2948_IMG
129-2955_IMG 129-2956_IMG 130_3048_IMG 130-3026_IMG 130-3033_IMG
130-3034_IMG 130-3035_IMG 130-3040_IMG 130-3043_IMG 130-3044_IMG
130-3045_IMG 130-3046_IMG 130-3047_IMG 130-3050_IMG