Exam Information for Math 307

Fall 2010

As it says on the course syllabus, there are two midterms and a final in MAT307, which count for 25%, 25%, and 35% of your grade, respectively. No Make-up exams will be given. If you miss an exam due to a documented medical or family reason, that score will be replaced by the grade on the balance of the course. If you miss more than one exam for such reasons, you should probably withdraw from the course.

First Midterm: during class on Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The midterm covers Chapter 1, 2, and 4 of the text.
Doing all of the homework problems prior to the exam is a very good idea. Doing additional problems from the text can be helpful. Here is a list of topics you should know.

If you wish to use a calculator on the exam you may, although it is by no means necessary and unlikely to be of any help: all problems may be readily done without one.

Results: I probably should have made the exam a little harder, since quite a few people (4) had a perfect score. Unfortunately, a few people did very poorly.
Below is a graph of the grade distribution on the exam.

low score: 12 mean: 53 median: 56 high score: 74 possible score: 74
range letter grade
65-74 A-, A
50-64 B-, B, B+
40-49 C, C+
30-39 C-
15-29 D
0-14 F

You can check your grade here.

Here is a copy of the exam so you can relive the magic. Also, here are the solutions to the exam.

Second Midterm: in class on Wednesday November 10, 2010 (probably)

The second midterm will cover the material we have covered since the first exam: chapters 5 and 6.
Maybe this exam will be a bit more challenging than the first exam. As on the first midterm, a calculator is allowed but almost certainly of little use.

Results: Some people did well on the exam, but many did much less well. One person had no points taken off.
Below is a graph of the score distribution on the exam.

low score: 1 mean: 61.5 median: 65 high score: 90 possible score: 90
range letter grade
75-90 A-, A
55-74 B-, B, B+
45-54 C, C+
40-44 C-
15-39 D
0-14 F

You can check your grade here. If you got a C- or lower on the exam, you will need to make some significant changes if you expect to pass the course, even if you are getting an A on homework.

Here is a copy of the midterm, and here are the solutions.

Final Exam: 2:15pm on Monday, December 13, 2010

The final will be cumulative, covering everything that we have done in the class. However, extra emphasis will be on material since the second midterm (material in chapters 7, 8, and 9).

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