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Warning: this webpage is no longer updated; I am currently at Stony Brook, and was at Princeton before that. Apart from the Curriculum Vitae and the resume this page has not been updated since 2002.
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I graduated from the Mathematics Department at Harvard, receiving my Ph.D. in June 2002. For the summer of 2002, I am working for Clay Mathematics Institute as a liftoff awardee, and starting in September 2002 I will be at Princeton as a mathematics instructor and NSF postdoctoral fellow. This page will probably move to Princeton soon, and for now should be considered outdated.

Previously I received B.A. in Mathematics and Physics from Harvard in 1998. Before transferring to Harvard in 1996 and becoming a junior here, I lived in Moscow, Russia, and studied concurrently at the Independent University of Moscow and at Mechanics & Mathematics Department of Moscow State University. My high school was Moscow School 57, from which I graduated in 1994.

My Ph.D. advisor was Professor Yum-Tong Siu. My research interests lie in the area of moduli theory of curves and abelian varieties. Inspired by effective techniques in complex algebraic geometry, I have performed research in cohomological intersection theory on moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces and on Schottky problem, and am planning to continue the studies in these areas as well as in related areas of mathematical physics, complex algebraic geometry and some aspects of modular forms in several variables. My Ph.D. thesis was entitled "Effective Schottky problem".

My academic Curriculum Vitae and a business-style resume (also in doc) are available.

My past research summary and future research proposal is available in pdf and dvi.

My paper on the upper bound for Weil-Petersson volumes of the moduli spaces of punctured Riemann surfaces, in Mathematische Annalen 321, is available from Springer (in pdf) or from the Math arXiv in a variety of formats. Using an entirely different approach, Georg Schumacher and Stefano Trapani later obtained a lower bound for the volumes, which appeared in Communications of Mathematical Physics, and is available from Springer (in pdf) or from the Math arXiv.

Here are two preprints, both in dvi format: The degree of the Jacobian locus and Effective algebraic Schottky problem. Both these preprints are parts of my Ph.D. dissertation Effective Schottky problem. If you find any of these useful or actually reference them in your work, please let me know, as newer versions might be avilable in the future.

Some random photographs from different periods of my life are available here.

NEW: The recents photos are all uploaded and are on-line at dotphoto.

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