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01 perpendicular sections of the 600Cell
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The Extraordinary Case of the Boole Family 

Notices  of the AMS, December 2019

(The illustrations around these words where done by the remarkable mathematician Alicia Boole Stott more than a century ago)

02 diagonal sections of the 120Cell


Crochet Topology - AMS Feature Column

Imagine, and three bios of women in math  article that  appeared in the SCGP newsletter

Imagine  and the bios in Spanish as posted in Damiselas in Apuros

Alicia Boole Stott and her remarkable family

The mathematical visions of Alicia Boole - fictional letters between Alicia Boole Stott and Lucy Everest Boole.  

Tony Phillips wrote an article about Alicia Boole’s mathematical work.


The beautiful mathematical  explorations of Maryam Mirzakhani (in Quanta Magazine) and a version in Spanish that appeared in Damiselas in Apuros

Simetrias de la Alhambra and an article about Ada Lovelace in Spanish as posted in Damiselas in Apuros

Unveiled beauty a poem to Bill Thurston and a Spanish version.

La vida en un espacio topologico (en Damiselas)

A short story (Les passions simultanées, page 127) that appeared in a book in French by Thierry Gaudin, Préliminaires à une prospective des religions (1998) 

Short Story: Circularidades or Disjoint Circles 

Short Story: Backwards, forward, sideways.

Short Story in French: Les passions simultanées