e MAT 132: Calculus II. (spring, 2010)

MAT 132: Calculus II. (spring, 2010)

Welcome to MAT 132.

Three related topics are studied in this course: integration; differential equations; sequences and series.

The course begins with a review of the definite integral and the fundamental theorem of calculus; integration by substitution and other integration tools are then studied, and many applications of integration are given.

You have already studied the differential equation y'=f(x), where f(x) is a given function of x and y denotes an unknown function; the problem is to solve for y, and the solution is to compute the general anitderivative for f(x). The differential equations we will study usually involve an unknown function y (of x) and its derivative y' (and maybe even its double derivative y''), as well as a known function f(x); and the problem is to find all possible functions y which satisfy the equation. Many applications of differential equations will be studied.

You should be familiar with a sequence of numbers: the Riemann sums which approximate a definite integral are a sequence of numbers which converge to the definite integral. We will study sequences of functions as well as sequences of numbers; and investigate when these sequences converge. Our ultimate goal is to understand how any function may be approximated by polynomials (Taylor series and Maclaurin series).

The schedule and homework problems for the course can be found below.

Course Prerequistites and other Restrictions

C or higher in AMS 151 or MAT 131 or MAT 141.

May not be taken for credit in addition to MAT 127 or MAT 142 or AMS 161.


"Single Variable Calculus, Concepts and Contexts" (Special Edition for Stony Brook University), by James Stewart.

Course instructors

Douglas Alexander (Lecture 3) Dalex716@yahoo.com Office:5-125B Math Tower. Telephone: 632-9781. Office hours: 4pm-5pm on Tu,Th .
Shimon Brooks (Lecture 2) sbrooks@math.sunysb.edu Office:5D-148 Math Tower. Telephone: 632-8257. Office hours:10:30am-12:30pm on Monday.
Lowell Jones (Lecture 1; course coordinator) lejones@math.sunysb.edu Office: 2-11 Math Tower. Telephone: 632-8248. Office hours:MF 10:40am-11:40am in 2-111 of math tower; W 1:30pm-2:30pm in P-143 of math tower.

Course Recitation Teachers

Anant Atyam (Recitations 07,11) anant@math.sunysb.edu Office: S-240 (insider the MLC) Math Tower. Office hours: Friday 10:30am-11:30am and 1pm-2pm in MLC, and Friday 4pm-5pm in S-240 of math tower .
Inyoung Kim (Recitations 01,10), inkim@math.sunysb.edu Office:4-118 Math Tower.Office hours: M 4pm-5pm in 4-118 of math tower, M 2pm-3pm and W 4pm-5pm in MLC .
Young Nam (Recitations 06,09) ynam@math.sunysb.edu Office: 2-117 Math Tower. Office hours: 4pm-5pm on Tu,Th in 2-117 of the math tower, and Tu,Th 12:30pm-1:30pm in MLC.
Chaya Rosen (Recitation 02) , rosen@math.sunysb.edu Office: 3-103 Math Tower. Office hours: Th 1pm-2pm in MLC, and T,Th 10:45am-11:30am in 3-103 of math tower .
Brad Rosin (Recitations 03,05) brosin@math.sunysb.edu Office: S240-C Math Tower. Office hours: M 1:30pm-2:30pm and F 12:50pm-1:50pm in MLC, and Wed 1:30pm-2:30pm in S240C Math. Bldg. .

Class Schedules

Lec 1 MWF 9:35am-10:30am Engineering 143 Lowell Jones
Rec 01 MW 11:45am-12:40pm Lgt Engr Lab 152 Inyoung Kim
Rec 02 Tu,Th 9:50am-10:45am Lgt Engr Lab 152 Chaya Rosen
Rec 03 Tu,Th 3:50pm-4:45pm Lgt Engr Lab 152 Brad Rosin
Rec 05 MW 10:40am-11:35am Lgt Engr Lab 152 Brad Rosin
Lec 2 Tu,Th 2:20pm-3:40pm Humanities 1003 Shimon Brooks
Rec 06 Tu,Th 5:20pm-6:15pm Lgt Engr Lab 152 Young Nam
Rec 07 MW 2:20pm-3:15pm Physics 129 Anant Atyam
Rec 09 Tu,Th 11:20am-12:15pm Physics 128 Young Nam
Lec 3 Tu,Th 5:20pm-6:40pm Library W4550 Douglas Alexander
Rec 10 Tu,Th 6:50pm-7:45pm Lgt Engr 152 Inyoung Kim
Rec 11 MW 3:50pm-4:45pm Physics 117 Anant Atyam


You should read the corresponding section of the text before attending each lecture.

Problem sets will be assigned weekly; check this webpage for the assigments. Note that the solutions to the odd numbered problems appear in the back of the text book. Homework will not be graded, however there should be enough time to go over difficulties your have with the problems in your two weekly recitation meetings.

It is important that you do the homework problems (even though your work will not be graded) for the following reasons: your knowledge of mathematics is a skill which is developed by actually "doing math", not just reading about it; the weekly quizzes, the two midterms, and the final exam will all be based in large part on the assigned homework problems.

Exams and quizzes

You will have one quiz each week in your recitation section, with the following exceptions: no quizzes during the weeks of 2/22-2/26 and 3/22-3/25, because you will have midterms during those weeks; any other exception will be noted at the appropriate time on this website. Each quiz will be fairly short (15-25 minutes); exact time of the weekly quiz and the material to be covered will be decided upon by your recitation teacher. Your first quiz will take place in the week of Feb. 1-Feb. 5.

There will be two evening midterms: midterm I takes place on Wed. 2/24 from 8:30pm-10:00pm; midterm II takes place on Thur. 3/25 from 8:30pm-10:00pm. Room assignments will be announced on this website at a later date.

The final exam is scheduled for Mon. 5/17 from 8:15pm-11:00pm. Room assignments will be announced on this website towards the end of the semester.

Make certain that you will be available at these times, as there will be no scheduled make-ups for these tests or quizzes.

Please note that makeup exams or quizzes are only given if a student misses an exam or quiz for unforseeable circumstances beyond the student's control. In particular, schedule conflicts are not an acceptable reason for missing an exam or quiz.

Solutions to Midterm I and results of exam

The solutions for midterm I can be found at solutions for midterm I

The class average for midterm I is 78/100.

If letter grades were being given for this exam (which they are not) then they would be as follows: A,A->89; B+,B,B->79; C+,C>64.

Solutions for Midterm II and results of exam

The solutions for midterm II can be found at solutions for midterm II

The class average for midterm II is 72/100.

If letter grades were being given for this exam (which they are not) then they would be as follows: A,A->89; B+,B,B->79; C+,C>59.

Final Exam information and Review Sheet

The final exam is scheduled for Monday 5/17 from 8:15pm-11:00pm. Here are the room assignments for the final exam:

ESS 001: recitations 01,02,03,05

OLDCHEM 116: recitations 06,07,09

OLDENG 143: recitations 10,11

The final exam will focus on topics contained in the following sections of our text book: 7.3-7.4 and 8.1-8.7. A final exam review sheet can be found at review sheet for final exam

Grading Policy

25% Quizzes
20% Midterm I
20% Midterm II
35% Final Exam


A very useful resource is the Math Learning Center (MLC) located in room S240-A of the mathematics building basement. The Math Learning Center is open M,Tu,Wed from 10:00am to 9:00pm, on Thur from 10:00am to 6:00pm, and on Fri from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

Another useful resource are your teacher and grader, whose office hours are listed above.


If you have a physical, psychological, medical or learning disability that may impact on your ability to carry out assigned course work, please contact Disability Support Services (DSS)at 632-6748 or at http://studentaffairs.stonybrook.edu/dss/. DSS will determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation is confidential.

Students who require assistance during emergency evacuation are encouraged to discuss their needs with their professors and DSS. For procedures and information go to the following website: http://www.sunysb.edu/ehs/fire/disabilities.shtm

Critical Incident Managment

Stony Brook University expects students to respect the rights, privileges, and property of other people. Faculty are required to report to the Office of Judicial Affairs any disruptive behavior that interrupts their ability to teach, compromises the safety of the learning environment, and/or inhibits students' ability to learn.

Academic Integrity Statement

Each student must pursue his or her academic goals honestly and be personally accountable for all submitted work. Representing another person's work as your own is always wrong. Faculty are required to report any suspected instance of academic dishonesty to the Academic Judiciary. For more comprehensive information on the academic integrity, including categories of academic dishonesty, please refer to the academic judiciary website at http.//www.stonybrook.edu/uaa/academicjudiciary/


The following table will be filled in as the semester progresses. Always refer to it for each week's reading assignment and homework assignment.

Week Topic Notes Homework
1/25-1/29 5.1-5.4   review of definite integral and fundamental theorem of calculus 5.1: 12,13 5.2:1,2,8,17,20,22,34,35 5.3:1,4,15,18,39,40,43,48 5.4:2,7,10,15,18,23,24
2/1-2/5 5.5,5.6   5:5:3,6,9,12-14,25,44,48,50,58,60 5.6:2,3,6,8,9,12,17,21,17,30,36
2/8-2/12 5.7,5.10   In section 5.7 we will focus on integrating products of sin(x) and cos(x) and on integrating rational functions 5.7:1,2,4,5,9,19(a),20(a),21,24,32 5.10:6,8,9,13,16,,19,29,33,43,44
2/15-2/19 6.1,6.2   6.1:6,15,18,29 6.2:2,4,7,17,20,32,33,35
2/22-2/26 6.3-6.4   Midterm I on Wed. 2/24 from 8:30pm-10:00pm, covers sections 5.1-5.7,5.10 6.3:5,7,8,9,15 6.4:7,8,13,15,27
3/1-3/5 6.5,6.6   6.5:3,5,11,15,21 6.6:1,5,7,12,13,21,33,50,51
3/8-3/12 6.6(continued),6.7   6.6:16,19,27,29 6.7:1,2,4,6,7,8,15,16,17
3/15-3/19 7.1,7.2   7.1:1,3,4,7,9,10,11,14 7.2:1,3-6,11,21
3/22-3/26 7.3,7.4   Midterm II on Thur. 3/25 from 8:30pm-10:00pm; the midterm covers sections 6.1-6.6; find a link above for a review sheet; 7.3:3,8,12,15,19,29,34,45,46 7.4:2,4,9,11,13,20
3/29-4/2   no classes (Spring Recess)
4/5-4/9 7.5,8.1   in problem 15(e) of section 7.5, use the separation of variables technique to solve the DE; do not do the rest of 15(e) 7.5:1,3,10,15(a)(c)(e) 8.1:4,6,7,9,11,14,16,20,25,29,32,34, 45
4/12-4/16 8.2,8.3   8.2:9,12,13,17,19,22,24,25,30, 38,41,52 8.3:6,8,9,10,12,15,20,23,26,29, 36
4/19-4/23   8.4:5,7,10,11,15,20,22,23,28-30, 37,38 8.5:3,7,10,14,15,19,22,25,26, 31,34
4/26-4/30 8.6,8.7   8.6:4,8,11,13,23,26,32,37 8.7:11,16,17,21,22,29,30,33,43, 51,59,62,64
5/3-5/7 8.7(if necessary) and review for final