SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 319: Foundations of Analysis
Fall 2016

Welcome to MAT 319

The purpose of this course is to build rigorous mathematical theory for the fundamental calculus concepts, sequences and limits, continuous functions, and derivatives. We will rely on our intuition from calculus, but (unlike calculus) the emphasis will be not on calculations but on detailed understanding of concepts and on proofs of mathematical statements.

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Information about the final, including the review sheet and practice final has been posted on Exams page. A review session will be held on Wed, 12/14, at 3pm, in Math P131.
Midterm 2 will be this Thursday. For practice problems and other information, see Exams page.
Because of a computer glitch, HW 7 didn't appear on the website until today. For this reason, students are given extension until 11/1 to submit this HW.
HW 7 has been posted.
HW 6 has been posted. Also, there is a handout summarizing properties of limits of sequences.
Room change: starting next week, MAT 319 will be meeting in Math P131, and MAT 320 will be meeting in Light Eng 152.
Also, HW 5 for MAT 319 has been posted. This HW is for MAT 319 only, not for MAT 320!
Midterm has been graded and retruned to students. The grades are also available in Blackboard.
Starting this Th, 10/6, MAT 320 and 319 split. MAT 320 will be meeting in Math P131. MAT 319 will be meeting in Light Eng 152. Students who received score 19 or higher are advised (but not required) to move to MAT 320. To do so, please send an email with your name and ID number to professors Kirillov and Viro and come to class in P131 on Th.
Students who received less than 19 (or those who received more than 19 but want to stay in 319) do not need to take any action -- just make sure that you come to class in Lgt Eng 152 starting Th.
Recitations this week run as before; starting next week, recitations will split and meet in the rooms shown in the official schedule.
Practice midterm has been posted here.
Also, by popular request, solutions to Homework 2 have been posted.
Midterm will be next Th. Some info is already posted here.
Homework 4 has been posted.
Homework 3 has been posted.
Homework 2 has been posted.
Homework 1 has been posted.
Website has been created.