SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 126: Calculus B
Fall 2012

Welcome to MAT 126

MAT 126 is a continuation of MAT 125, covering integral calculus: the fundamental theorem, symbolic and numeric methods of integration, area under a curve, volume, applications such as work and probability.

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All grades have been posted. Student wishing to dispute their grade or see their exam should contact their lecturer. For your information, letter grade cutoffs are posted below:
<30: F
30-34.9: D
35-54.9: C (including C+)
55-79.9: B (including B-, B+)
>=80: A (including A-)
The number is the weighted average, computed as described here.
To clairufy the rule about notes for the final exam: you are allowed to use both sides of the sheet. And yes, letter size is the usual size, 8.5x11 inches.
Information about the final exam is now available on this page.
WebAssign HW 12 has been posted
It seems that there was a problem with changing the due date in WebAssign - possibly because at exact same time, WebAssign updated its system to a new version. Anyway, we are working on this - hopefully by the end of today, HW9 will appear with the correct due date (namely, Nov 7) in WebAssign.
The syllabus has been updated to reflect changes caused by hurricane Sandy.
Also, the statistics for midterm 2 has been computed; the median grade is 31 out of 60, and grades below 20 mean that you are in serious danger of failig the course.
Because of the power outages caused by hurricane Sandy and resulting class cancellations, the due date for HW 9 has been moved to next Wed, Nov 7.
At the moment, there is no information available about whether the classes will be held on Th -- please check University emergency information page for updates.
Midterm 2 grades will be posted by Fri. Also, WebAssign HW 9 has been posted . It is a really short one.
A practice exam for midterm 2 is now available on this page.
Also, WebAssign HW 8 has been posted
Midterm 2 is on Tu, 10/23. Please see this page for more information.
WebAssign HW 6 has been posted
WebAssign HW 5 (optional)) has been posted . This HW does not count towards the final grade, but you can use it to get more practice for the midterm - specifically, practice with Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
Solutions for practice midterm 1 and rooms for midterm 1 have been posted.
Midterm 1 is on Th, 9/27. Please see this page for more information.
WebAssign HW 4 has been posted
WebAssign HW 3 has been posted
Instructor's contact information and office hours have been updated.
WebAssign HW 2 has been posted
WebAssign HW 1 has been posted