Stony Brook University

MAT 123
Introduction to Calculus

Fall 2006

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* Teaching Staff, Office Hours
* Syllabus and Schedule
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MAT 123 Teaching Staff, Office Hours

1. Teaching Schedule

 LEC 1    MWF  9:35am-10:30am  Earth&Space      1   Polyakov, Alexandr
   R01      M  2:20pm- 3:15pm  Earth&Space     69   Grigoryan, Suren
   R02      W 11:45am-12:40pm  Earth&Space     69   Miller, Christopher  
   R03      W 11:45am-12:40pm  Lgt Engr Lab   152   Papachristophorou, Christophoros
   R04     Tu  9:50am-10:45am  Physics       P124   Papachristophorou, Christophoros 
   R05      M 11:45am-12:40pm  Lgt Engr Lab   152   Miller, Christopher
   R06      F  8:30am- 9:25am  Melville Lbr N4000   Jean, Karl
   R07      M  2:20pm- 3:15pm  S B Union      231   Girao, Frederico Vale
 LEC 2     MW  5:20pm- 6:40pm  S B Union      123   Gromoll, Detlef
   R10     Tu  3:50pm- 4:45pm  Earth&Space    181   Wang, Ruike
   R11      M 11:45am-12:40pm  S B Union      231   Kuefner, Danielle 
   R12     Tu  5:20pm- 6:15pm  Earth&Space    181   Marley, Elise
   R13      W  2:20pm- 3:15pm  S B Union      231   Kuefner, Danielle 
   R14      W  6:50pm- 7:45pm  Chemistry      128   Poole, Thomas
   R15     Tu  2:20pm- 3:15pm  Melville Lbr N4000   Vigilante, Richard 
   R16     Th  2:20pm- 3:15pm  Melville Lbr N4000   Vigilante, Richard
   R17      W 10:40am-11:35am  Earth&Space    181   Girao, Frederico Vale
 LEC 3   TuTh  9:50am-11:10am  Old Chem       116   Bulawa, Andrew
   R20      F 12:50pm- 1:45pm  Melville Lbr N4000   King, Robert
   R21      W 10:40am-11:35am  Harriman Hll   115   Gercke, Adam
   R22     Tu  8:20am- 9:15am  Earth&Space    183   Zhou, Sicong
   R23      M 12:50pm- 1:45pm  Earth&Space    183   Grigoryan, Suren
   R24      W 11:45am-12:40pm  S B Union      231   Gercke, Adam
   R25      M  2:20pm- 3:15pm  Earth&Space    181   King, Robert
   R26     Th 12:50pm- 1:45pm  Chemistry      128   Wang, Ruike
   R27     Tu 11:20am-12:15pm  Melville Lbr N4000   Zhou, Sicong     
 LEC 4   TuTh  5:20pm- 6:40pm  Engineering    145   Redden, D. Corbett
   R30     Th  3:50pm- 4:45pm  Physics       P117   Kulaxizi, Manuela
   R32     Tu  6:50pm- 7:45pm  Physics       P122   Poole, Thomas
   R33     Th 11:20am-12:15pm  Physics       P112   Wang, Ruike 
   R34     Tu 12:50pm- 1:45pm  Physics       P117   Kulaxizi, Manuela
   R35      M 10:40am-11:35am  Physics       P117   Wertz, Debra
 ELC 90    MW  6:50pm- 8:10pm  Harriman Hll   116   Gromoll, Detlef
 ELC 91  TuTh  6:50pm- 8:10pm  Physics       P118   Redden, D. Corbett 
 grader 1                                           Shen, Mengyi
 grader 2                                           Shen, Mengyi

2. Office hours and Email

Rooms in Math Tower - Math Learning Center (MLC) is S-240A

Bulawa             Mon 3-4 in 2-121 
                   Tue 12-1 in MLC
                   Wed 3-4 in 2-121
Gercke             Tue 1-2 in MLC
                   Wed 9:30-10:30am MLC
                   Wed 1-2 in MLC
Girao              Fri 10-11,1-2 in MLC
                   Thu 10-11 3-105 
Grigoryan          Wed 1-3 in MLC
                   Mon 3:20-4:20 in MLC
Gromoll            Tue 1:30-3:20 in 5-110
                   Wed 2-3 in UGO, P-143
Jean               Mon 1-2:30 in MLC
                   Wed 1-2:30 in MLC
King               Mon 4-6 in MLC
                   Fri 2-3 in 2-122
Kuefner            Tue 12:45- 1:45 in MLC
                   Wed 1-2 in MLC
                   Fri 10:30-11:30 in MLC
Kulaxizi           Mon 8-9am in 6-114 
                   Tue 10-12 in MLC                   
Marley             Mon 1:30-3:30 in MLC
                   Tue 11-12 in 4-125
Miller             Tue 11-12:50 in MLC 
                   Fri 11-12:50 in MLC
Papachristophorou  Mon 10:40-12:40 MLC
                   Wed 10:40-11:40 MLC
Polyakov           Wed  3:30- 4:30 in
                       Lab 228, Old Chem 
                   Fri  1-2 in MLC
                   Fri  3:30- 4:30 in
                       Lab 228, Old Chem
Poole              Mon 10:40-11:40 2-120 
                   Mon 7-9pm in MLC
Redden             Tue 8:30-9:30pm 4-120
                   Thu 9-10am 4-120
                   Thu 10-11 in MLC
Shen               Thu 10-12 in MLC
                   Thu 4-5pm Harriman 027
Vigilante          Mon 2:20-3:20  in MLC 
                   Wed 12:50-1:50 in MLC
                   Thu 12:50-1:50 in MLC
Wang               Mon 11-12 in MLC
                   Thu 10:15-11:15 in MLC
                   Fri 10-11 in MLC
Wertz              Tue 11:15-12:45 in MLC 
                   Fri 10:30-12 in MLC
Zhou               Tue  2:30- 3:30 in MlC
                   Thu 10:30-12:30 in MlC

Detlef Gromoll
Math Dept Stony Brook University
August 30, 2006