MAT123 Fall 2006     Review for Short Exam

Note:   This test will cover high school algebra, and if you do not pass it, you should take our non-credit course MAP 103. Please bring ID and a pen and pencil. This test is non-calculator.
The topics for review are: solving equations, factoring, fractional equations, exponents, order of operations, drawing lines, writing the equation of a line, domain, function notation, expansion, and long division.
Here is a routine review selection from the text book to help you.
P1, page 14-17:   3,17,30,40,48,72,96,110,122
P2, page 25-27:   7,22,64,74,86,101,108
P3, page 39-41:   3,12,31,52,60,72,88,96,107
P4, page 49-50:   2,8,18,48,58,78,80
P5, page 60-61:   4,25,43,56,62,77,99
P6, page 74-75:   4,11,26,48,62,70
P7, page 93-94:   3,16,20,39,53,66,74,82,89,112
P8, page 105-108  : 1,9,13,18,31,43
P9, page 118-119   1,14,22,43,52,69
Just for practice, you might also want to glance at the Chapter P Test on page 125-126 (obviously very much longer than the Short Exam).
1.1 page 135   4,7,17,23,41,46
1.2 page 149-151   11,18,27,32,81,90
1.4 page 179-180   4,23,44,55,62
1.5 page 191   1,3,8

For additional help, we recommend to study the Part 1 practice problems for the placement exam. These can be found at

August 30, 2006