MAT123 Fall 2006     Review for Midterm I

Note:   This exam will cover basic trigonometry as discussed in Sections 4.1 through 4.8 of our text. You should focus on the functions sin, cos, and tan. Only study of the first part of 4.8 (solving a right triangle) will be required. Please bring your ID.
For this test you may use a calculator, however, you must follow the instructions on our Course Description page as to which models are admissable. We will strictly enforce those rules. Also, the calculators permitted will be of no use for many problems of the test, notably when the problem asks for an exact answer. Make sure you know how to set the mode for degrees and radians, you are able to use the function keys for the trigonometric functions and their inverses, and you can set appropriate window sizes and plot simple trigonometric graphs.

The topics for review can be found on pp560-567 of the text.

Summary: Definitions and Concepts, including Examples

4.1        a - j,  all
4.2        a - d,  all
4.3        a - c,  all
4.4        a - d,  all
4.5 & 4.6  a - d,  only
4.7        a - d,  only
4.8        a,      only

Review Exercises (pp563-566):

4.1        3    7  11  15
4.2        21  25  29  
4.3        33  37  41  43
4.4        45  51  57  65
4.5        71  77  81
4.6        85 
4.7        95  97 101 112
4.8       117 119  

In addition, you should carefully review all assigned homework problems, both even- and odd-numbered. You might also want to look at the Chapter 4 Test on p567.

Make sure you check for additional announcements and instructions for this exam regularly.

October 1, 2006