SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 342: Applied Complex Analysis
Spring 2020

Welcome to MAT 342: Applied Complex Analysis

Textbook: Complex Variables and Applications (9th edition) by Brown and Churchill

Course description: This is a mathematically rigorous course, and most statements will come with complete proofs. Topics covered will include properties of complex numbers, analytic functions with examples, contour integrals, the Cauchy integral formula, the fundamental theorem of algebra, power series and Laurent series, residues and poles with applications, conformal mappings with applications. See Weakly Plan for details.

Lecturer: Dzmitry Dudko

Starting with March 30, all lectures and office hours will be online via Zoom. Links to Zoom lectures will be posted HERE.  

Office Hours: We 12:30pm - 2:30pm, Mo 1:00pm-2:00pm (MLC), or by appointment.

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E-mail: dzmitry.dudko at

Assistant: Emily Schaal, e-mail: Emily.Schaal AT

See General Information for Student Accessibility Support Center Statement, Academic Integrity Statement, and Critical Incident Management.


Most weeks there will be a homework assignment that should be submitted by Sunday of the week following the posting of the assignment. Homework assignments will be posted here.


There will be two midterms, and a final exam. Midterm 2 will be take-home from Apr 16 till Apr 19.


25% Homework

20% Midterm 1

15% Midterm 2

40% Final Exam

The grades of the homework assignments and exams will be available on the blackboard.