MAT 531 
Geometry/Topology II 
Spring 2020 

TuTh 1:00-2:20 pm
Physics P-122 

Prof. Claude LeBrun       
Math Tower 3-108
Office hours:
TuTh 2:30--4:00 pm.

Grader:  Alexandra Viktorova
Math Tower 3-104
Office hours:
M 4:00-5:00 pm.

This course provides an introduction to the elementary theory of smooth manifolds.

Topics will include: vector fields, differential forms, vector bundles, Lie derivatives, Stokes' theorem, and de Rham cohomology.

Enrollment in the course is strictly limited to graduate students, except by explicit permission of the mathematics graduate program director.


John M. Lee,
Introduction to
Smooth Manifolds,

Second edition,
Springer, 2012.

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Remark. The first edition of the text is still available in paperback, and costs considerably less than the second edition. It is perfectly fine to use this older edition if you so choose. However, students who make this choice should carefully compare their book with a class-mate's copy of the newer edition before beginning each homework assignment.

Important Dates

Midterm Exam Thursday, Mar 12 1:00--2:20 pm
Final Exam Tuesday, May 19 2:15--5:00 pm

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Exam Tips

Your grade will be based upon your performance on the homework, the mid-term, and the final exam.

Each exam is worth 25% of your grade, while the homework will determine the remaining 50% of your grade.

Incompletes will be granted only if documented circumstances beyond your control prevent you from taking the final exam.

Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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In keeping with the university's corona-virus emergency policies, all instruction for the course will take place online, starting Tuesday, March 31.

Our classes will thus be held at the previously-scheduled times, but will now be conducted via video-link, using Zoom.

Office hours will also be held at the previously-scheduled times, as well as by appointment, but again via Zoom rather than as face-to-face meetings.

Homework will henceforth be submitted by e-mail, by Homework is due at the beginning of class on the indicated day.

Homework may be submitted either as a scan of your hand-written solutions, or as the PDF produced by typing your solutions as a LaTeX file.

The final exam will be open-book, but collaboration will be forbidden. It will be due at the end of the previously-announced final-exam slot, and will be made available 24 hours prior.

Homework assignments and other useful information regarding the course will be posted regularly on this web-site.

You may e-mail Prof. LeBrun by This is the best method for making appointments outside normal office hours.

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