MAT 530 
Geometry/Topology I 
Fall 2008 

TTh 9:50-11:10
Physics P-123 

Prof. Claude LeBrun.
Office hours:
TuTh 11:30 -- 12:30,
Math Tower 3-108.

This course offers an introduction to both point-set and algebraic topology. It is one of the core courses of the mathematics graduate program at Stony Brook.

Homework Assignments

Textbook: J. Munkres, Topology,
2nd edition, Prentice Hall, 1999.

Assignment Due Date Section: Problems
#1 Tuesday,
September 23
§17:   9, 11, 12
§18:   11, 12, 13
§20:   1, 3
#2 Thursday,
October 2
§22:   2, 4, Suppl. Ex. 5
§23:   2, 5, 9
§24:   1, 2, 3, 8
#3 Tuesday,
October 14
§25:   9, 10
§26:   5, 6, 7, 8
#4 Tuesday,
October 28
§27:   2, 5
§28:   4, 5
§30:   3, 4, 5
#5 Tuesday,
November 25
§52:    4, 7
§53:    5
§54:    6, 8
#6 Monday,
December 15*
§58:    2, 4, 5
§59:    2, 3
§73:    1, 2
§79:    1, 2, 3, 4

*Note that our last meeting for the semester will take place on "correction day."

Solution Guide for Mid-Term Exam

Announcement Regarding the Final Exam

The final exam will employ a take-home format. This will allow those needing to leave early for the holidays (e.g. in order to spend Christmas with their families abroad) to turn in their exams well before the "official" due-date of Dec. 23.

However, those of you with teaching and/or grading duties should also consult with your work supervisors to ensure that you will actually be able to fulfill all your responsibilities before any such early departure for the holidays.

Syllabus: We will cover most of the basic core course syllabus given below. I will also discuss appropriate additional topics, as time permits.

  1. Basic point-set topology
  2. Introduction to algebraic topology

Your grade will be based upon your performance on the homework (50%), the mid-term (25%), and the Final Exam (25%). Incompletes will be granted only if documented circumstances beyond your control prevent you from taking the final exam.

Homework assignments and other useful information regarding the course will be posted regularly on this web-page.

You may e-mail Prof. LeBrun by This is the best method for making appointments outside normal office hours.

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