MAT 566: Differential Topology

Stony Brook            Spring 2018


General Course Information, A Proof and a Modern ``Proof"

There will be no class or office hours during the week of 1/29-2/2.


All readings listed in the table below are from Milnor&Stasheff's Characteristic Classes, except


Tentative Schedule

Problem Set 1 is due on Monday, 2/12, by 5pm, in Math 3-111

Date Topic Read Problem Set
01/23, TuReview/overview of vector bundles Sections 1-3; VB Notes ps1
01/25, ThReview of (co)homology Munkres: Sections 31,33
Appendix A: pp257-260, 263bot-270
02/06, TuPoincare Duality Appendix A: pp270-279
02/08, ThStiefel-Whitney classes Section 4: pp37-50ps2
02/13, TuStiefel-Whitney classes and cobordism
Section 4: pp50-53
Section 5: pp55-62; G&H: pp193-194,207
02/15, ThGrassmannians and vector bundlesSection 5: pp62-70
02/20, Tu(Co)homology of CW-complexes Sect. 6: pp73-74; App. A: pp260bot-263
02/22, Th(Co)homology of Grassmannians Sections 6,7; G&H: pp194-197
02/27, WSchubert Calculus G&H: pp197-206; Vakil's slides 

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