Advanced Algebra, Digital Second Edition

Published by the author, 2016.
Digital version in PDF only, freely distributed, not to be sold.
Distributed by Project Euclid free of charge with ISBN 978-1-4297-9992-8.
730+xxviii pages.

A companion volume Basic Algebra, Digital Second Edition, was published in 2016.
It has no ISBN.

Chapter Titles:

Transition to Modern Number Theory
Wedderburn-Artin Ring Theory
Brauer Group
Homological Algebra
Three Theorems in Algebraic Number Theory
Reinterpretation with Adeles and Ideles
Infinite Field Extensions
Background for Algebraic Geometry
The Number Theory of Algebraic Curves
Methods of Algebraic Geometry

Files Available:

The following files are available at the download page: Differences between the digital second edition (2016) and the second printing of the first edition (2015):
Corrections to the digital second edition:

A list of corrections appears in the file below.

Corrections (12/12/2022) - PDF .  Most of the corrections were kindly pointed out by Arjun Sudan.

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