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Families in Science

Neta Bahcall is a Professor of Astronomy at Princeton University. Her work focuses on studying large scale structure in the universe, including clusters, and superclusters, of galaxies. "To do science requires an enormous commitment. My most important source of support is my family."

Their son, Safi, was a Miller Research Fellow at the University of California at Berkeley, studying theoretical physics.

John Bacall is a Professor of Astrophysics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. His work ranges from studying the interior of the sun to investigating the properties of distant quasars (quasi- stellar objects).

Orli Bahcall is an undergraduate student at MIT majoring in Biology.

Dan Bahcall is a graduate student at Rutgers University in New Jersey doing research in bio-psychology, studying vision perception.

Orli is passionate about her research in genetics.

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