Women in film industry - Our presence in the art and technology of filmmaking

Carolina Jimenez Garcia

Senior Layout Artist en ScanlineVFX

We'll go through the role of women in the film industry throughout the history of filmmaking, from the first women pioneers in the history of cinema to today's situation in the field around me. I'll go through my career experience since I first started and try to analyze the whats and whys. And we'll try to shed some optimistic light on how to get to a more equal path all in the technical and artistic world of movie making.


Carolina Jimenez is a visual effects artist in the film industry. She started studying architecture in Spain, her home country, but the digital technology of computer graphics rapidly caught her attention and became her preferred career path and profession. She's lived in countries like UK, Australia or New Zealand and now resides in Vancouver, Canada. She's worked in many movies including The Hobbit trilogy, Star Trek Beyond, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes or Justice League. Her passion for science popularization and for educating in VFX and filmmaking has made her a blogger, a Youtube teacher and an international speaker for film festivals and educational institutions. A good part of the material she creates is Spanish, her mother tongue. This has made her educational activity of special relevance in Latin America, where educational material is not always available or affordable for young enthusiasts, specially girls and women in need of role models and career mentorship.