Inspiring More Women Leaders in Technology and Business 

Kathryn Guarini 

Vice President of Research Startegy

IBM Research

Diversity in science, technology, and leadership is a business imperative. The data is clear: greater participation by women leads to a stronger workforce, better problem solving, and higher revenue. But the reality today is that most technology companies are still dominated by men, everywhere from the boardroom to entry-level coding teams. This talk will describe some of the challenges of working in a corporate technology company, as well as the many opportunities for leadership and growth. Accelerating change will require programmatic solutions plus greater advocacy and inspirational role models. Let’s work together to build stronger, more inclusive tech teams that are so important for the future of business, society, and the world.

Kathryn Guarini is Vice President for IBM Research Strategy, where she drives technology strategy for the global research community at IBM. Kathryn has held various technical, management, and executive positions in research, development, and business. Kathryn’s innovative technical research in semiconductor device integration and nanotechnology has been recognized with various industry awards. She holds more than 65 U.S. patents and she is a prolific writer with over 60 technical publications. Kathryn received a Ph.D. from Stanford University and a B.S. degree from Yale University, both in applied physics. She is active in mentoring, inspiring, and recruiting scientists and engineers of all ages, especially women.