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MAE 301 - Foundations of Secondary School Mathematics - Fall 2002

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MAE 301 is designed to review all of secondary school mathematics from the point of view of college students who have studied calculus and linear algebra, with the goal of providing a solid foundation for teaching this material.

Prerequisite: Admission into the Mathematics Department Secondary Teacher Preparation Program.

Instructor: Anthony Phillips, Math Tower 3-113, (632-8259) Office Hours: Mon 11-12:30 (in Math Learning Center), Wed 10-11

Text: "Mathematics for High School Teachers: An Advanced Perspective" by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. This text is being published by Wiley later this year. We will use a preliminary version. Copies will be available from Budget Print Center (1087 Rte 25A, across from the LIRR station, 751-7799). The text will be printed in two parts.

Grades: Final grades will be calculated on the basis of Midterm 1 (30%), Midterm 2 (30%), Final Exam (30%), Homework and class participation (10%).    Note: The Final Examination will a New York State Mathematics Course III Regents Examination. A grade of 85% or better on this examination is necessary for earning a "C" or better in MAE 301.

Special Needs: If you have a physical, psychological, medical or learning disability that may impact on your ability to carry out assigned course work, I would urge that you contact the staff in the Disabled Student Services office (DSS), Room 133 Humanities, 632-6748/TDD. DSS will review your concerns and determine, with you, what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation of disability is confidential.

Anthony Phillips
Math Dept SUNY Stony Brook
August 28 2002