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319/320 Analysis -- Fall 2007

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Course Description

Both MAT 319 and 320 provide a closer, more rigorous look at the fundamental concepts of one-variable calculus. The main focus will be on the key notions of convergence and continuity; the basic facts about differentiation and integration will be presented as examples of how these notions are used. The course provides a good opportunity for students to learn how to read and write rigorous proofs. MAT 320 prepares them for further studies in analysis. Both courses are writing intensive; all students will have the opportunity to complete the proof-oriented component of the Department of Mathematics upper division writing requirement.

Relation between MAT 319 and MAT 320: These two courses will be taught together to begin with. The first Midterm will be taken by all students in class on October 1. The lectures in the rest of that week will still be joint, but after that (starting Oct 8) the classes will split. Students will divide into sections depending on their aptitude and choice and the lecturers' recommendations. (Special arrangements have been made with the Registrar to permit this late change of registration.)

Grading policy for MAT 320: The final grade will be based on the midterm scores (25% each) the final examination (35%) and homework (15%). A student will get the better of two grades, one calculated from this weighted sum, the other based only on the (cumulative) final examination.