Stony Brook University
MAT 312/AMS 351 Applied Algebra -- Fall 2010

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Course Description

Instructor: Tony Phillips

Instructor's Office Hours: Math Tower 3-113: TUESDAYS, 2-4 PM (please note change). You are always welcome to contact me by email (tony at either to ask a short question or to set up an appointment to see me.

TA: (Section 01) Benjamin Balsam
(Section 02) Jonathan Hales

TA's Office:

TA's Office Hours: TBA

Textbook: Irwin Kra, Abstract Algebra with Applications. This text is available as a PDF file; but since it will be added to during the term, printing it all out at the start is not recommended.

Course Format: We meet for lecture Tues, Thurs 11:20-12:40 in Math P-131. Recitation 01 is Tuesday 12:50-1:45 PM in Physics P-122; Recitation 02 is Wednesday 10:40-11:35 AM in Physics P-128. You will get most out of these classes if you prepare beforehand by reading the relevant section in the textbook before class. My aim in these lectures will be to explain and illustrate the arguments in the book. I am always glad to answer questions during class. (If you have more questions, please talk to me after class or come to my office hours.)

Grading policy for MAT 312: The final grade will be based on the midterm scores (22.5% each) the final examination (35%) and homework (20%). A student will get the better of two grades, one calculated from this weighted sum, the other based only on the (cumulative) final examination.