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MAT 132 Calculus II Spring 2006

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Optional Projects

You can turn in individual work on not more than one of the following independent study-type projects (which are taken from our text). All sources and references must be properly quoted. Papers should be between 3 and 5 pages long and typed, but you may fill in formulas and graphics by hand. A project is worth up to one third of a grade (e.g. the difference between B+ and A-) and will be used to possibly adjust your course grade upwards.
  1. Arc length contest - Section 6.3, pp. 466-67
  2. How fast does a tank drain? - Section 7.3, pp. 521-22
  3. Calculus and baseball - Section 7.4, pp. 534-35
  4. Logistic sequences - Section 8.1, p. 567
  5. How Newton discovered the binomial series - Section 8.8, p. 621
The absolute deadline for submission is with the Final Exam. In fact, no work of any kind will be accepted after the Final, Monday, May 15, 2PM.

Good luck!

Anthony Phillips
Math Dept SUNY Stony Brook
tony at math dot sunysb dot edu
April 10 2006