MAT 132
Calculus II

Stony Brook, Spring 2006
Last update: April 28, 2006

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MAT 132
Special announcements for Sections R06, R07, R09 at the bottom of the page!

Lecture 2:   Detlef Gromoll, Math 5-110
Phone: 632-8286. Email:
Classes: TuTh 2:20-3:40, Humanities 1003
Office Hours: Tu 4-5pm (MLC), W 2-3pm (UG Office P-143), W 3-4 (Math 5-110), and by appointment.

Teaching Assistants:   Caner Koca, Math 3-118
Recitations: TuTh 5:20-6:15 {R06), Physics P-128
Office Hours: M 10-12 (MLC), W 10:30-11:30 (3-118)
        Robert King, Math 2-122
Recitations: MW 2:20-3:15 (R07), Harriman 115
Office Hours: M 3:15-4:15, Th 4-5 (2-122), Tu 6-8pm (MLC)
        Anirban Dutta
Recitations: TuTh 11:20-12:15 (R09), Physics P-125
Office Hours: Tu 10-11 (MLC), Th 10-11 (MLC, by appointment)

Note:   During the week of April 24, Lecture 2 covered Sections 8.5, 8.6 and part of 8.7 already, taking us far into power series. We have already defined Taylor series/polynomials. The next homework is the complete assignment for 8.5, 8.6, and 8.7 on the main page, and the written work is due in the last recitation during the week of May 1. In this last week of classes we will finish the discussion of Taylor and MacLaurin series in 8.7, take a look at the binomial series in 8.8, and finally go through examples from 8.9, how Taylor polynomials can be used to approximate some functions in a convenient and controlled way. It is essential for the Final to work through the homework assignments for 8.8.and 8.9 on the main page, and you may still turn in the last written homework with the exam - or any time before, for credit.
First Midterm:   This exam was given Tuesday, February 21, 8:30-10pm, and covered material from Sections 5.1 through 6.2. There are no makups. Results were quite good, with a mean of 85/115. Note though that the topics for the second midterm of this course are generally considered to be more difficult. So keep up the extra effort!
Second Midterm:   This exam was given Monday, March 20, 8:30-10pm, and covered material from Sections 6.3 through 7.3 (except for 6.6, which was never on the syllabus). There are no makeups. Course average was about 74/100. Rough letter grade equivalents: > 85 A range, > 67 B range, > 49 C+ and C, > 39 C- and D.
Final Review:   There will be a review session during the Reading Period for Sections R06, R07, R09 on Tuesday, May 9, 2-5pm, Mathematics P-131.
Final Examination:   The Final is scheduled for Monday, May 15, 11am-1:30pm (Period 2). Our sections 6-7-9 will take the exam in Javits 102. Also check the main page for further details, in particular the rules on calculator and cell phone use. As announced, the Final will be cumulative, however, with slight emphasis on material not yet covered in the two midterms, cf. also the syllabus on the main pages. The format of the exam will be analogous to that of the midterms: There will be 10 problems worth 160 points, and 140 points (approximately the equivalent of 9 problems) will be considered a perfect score. The Final is designed for 2 hours, but you will have the full 150 minutes reserved for each testing period. Note the rules below on absolute deadlines for submission of all work for this course!

Optional Project:   You can turn in individual work on not more than one of the following five independent study-type projects (which are taken from our text). All sources and references must be properly quoted. Papers should be between 3 to 5 pages long and typed, but you may fill in formulas and graphics by hand. A project is worth up to one third of a grade (e.g. the difference between B+ and A-) and will be used to possibly adjust your course grade upwards.
      1.   Arc length contest - Section 6.3, pp466-67
      2.   How fast does a tank drain? - Section 7.3, pp521-22
      3.   Calculus and baseball - Section 7.4, pp534-35
      4.   Logistic sequences - Section 8.1, p567
      5.   How Newton discovered the binomial series - Section 8.8, p621
The absolute deadline for submission is with the Final Exam. In fact, no course work of any kind will be accepted after the Final, Monday, May 15, 2pm.
Good luck!