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MAT 132 Calculus II Spring 2003

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Teaching Staff, Office Hours

1. Schedule of classes and recitations

LEC 1 MW 03:20PM 04:40PM PHYSICS P113 vanCoevering, Craig
REC R01 TUTH 05:30PM 06:25PM PHYSICS P122 Clarke, Andrew
REC R02 TUTH 02:15PM 03:10PM PHYSICS P116 Clarke, Andrew
LEC 2 MW 05:30PM 06:50PM ENGINEERING 143 Phillips,Tony
REC R03 MW 03:20PM 04:15PM PSYCH A 146 Teh, JH
REC R04 TUTH 05:30PM 06:25PM SBS N104 Hakobyan, Hrant
LEC 3 TUTH 12:50PM 02:10PM PHYSICS P113 Namazi, Hossein
REC R05 MW 09:25AM 10:20AM CHEMISTRY 124 Teh, JH
REC R06 MF 12:40PM 01:35PM PSYCHOLOGY A 146 Yang,Jihyeon
LEC 4 TUTH 11:20AM 12:40PM HARRIMAN HLL 116 Friedman,Joshua
REC R07 MW 02:15PM 03:10PM MELVILLE LBR N4000 Bulawa,Andrew
REC R08 MF 12:40PM 01:35PM PHYSICS P116 Bulawa, Andrew
LEC 5 TUTH 02:20PM 03:40PM PHYSICS P113 Moraru, Dan
REC R09 MW 11:35AM 12:30PM LGT ENGR LAB 154 Liu, Yuan
REC R10 MW 09:25AM 10:20AM EARTH&SPACE 181 Yang,Jihyeon
ELC 6 MW 07:00PM 08:50PM EARTH&SPACE 69 Nie,Zhaouhui
grader 6 Liu, Yua

2. Staff email addresses and Office Hours

Andrew Bulawa ( Recs 7,8   Wed 11-12 and Thu 4-5 in MLC
Wed 12-1 in Math/Phys/Ast Library
Andrew Clarke ( Rec 1&2 Mon and Wed 6-7 in MLC 
Joshua Friedman ( Lec 4 
Hrant Hakobyan ( Rec 4Tuesdays 7-9 in MLC 
Yuan Liu ( Rec 9, Grader 6Monday 5-6 in MLC,
Tuesday 5-6 in 4-118
Wednesday 1-2 in 4-118 
Dan Moraru ( Lec 5Tu 5-6 in 3-103
Th 5-6 in MLC  
Hossein Namazi ( Lec 3Tue Thu 11:30-12:30 in 3-104
Wed 1-2 in MLC 
Zhaohu Nie ( Evening Lec 6Wednesday 4-5 in 2-122
Thursday 3-4 in MLC  
Tony Phillips ( Lec 2,
Course co-ordinator
Mon 7-8PM in 3-113,
Wed 4-5PM in 3-113
or by appointment
Jyh-Haur Teh ( Rec 3&5Monday 11--1pm in MLC
2--3pm in 2-120  
Craig VanCoevering ( Lec 1 Monday 4:45-6:00 in 2-104
Wednesday 2:00-3:00 in MLC  
Jihyeon Yang ( Rec 6&10Monday 3-5 in MLC
Wednesday 11:30-12:30 in 2-112. 

Math Learning Center is in Math S-240A; All other rooms also in Math Tower unless otherwise indicated.

Anthony Phillips
Math Dept SUNY Stony Brook
January 16 2003