MAT 205: Calculus III
MAT 205
Multivariate and Vector Calculus
Calculus III
Fall 2000
Professor Sutherland

Since this class is concerned with functions best thought of in three dimensions, it is often helpful to be able to display these things. Most graphing calculators are seriously limited in these areas. If you come to class once in a while, you might notice that I use a program called Maple for this purpose. Maple is a general purpose symbolic mathematics system, which can do quite a lot more, including differentiation, integration, etc. It is installed on all of the SINC site computers at Stony Brook, and you can use it yourself. I am not planning to require you to use it, however. You might find my notes for MAT 331 helpful, or you might like to look at some of the following: If you find some better material on the web, let me know about it.



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