Schedule for MAT132, Spring 2013

Week Topics Homework Relevant Videos
1/28 Administrivia
5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 Review of the definite integral and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
5.5 Integration by Substitution
HW01 on WebAssign, Due Wed 2/6 at 9am.
No paper homework this week.
Definition of the Integral;
The Fundamental Theorem;
2/4 5.6 Integration by parts
5.7 Trigonometric integrals, Trigonometric substitutions
2/8@4pm: Last day to add/drop
HW02 on WebAssign, Due Wed 2/13 at 9am.
Paper homework 1, Due in recitation on 2/13, 2/14 or 2/15.
Integration by Parts;
Trigonometric Integrals and Trig Substitutions.
2/11 5.7 Trig Substitutions, Partial Fractions
5.9 Approximate integration
HW03 on WebAssign, Due Wed 2/20 at 9am.
Paper homework 2, Due in recitation on 2/20, 2/21 or 2/22.
Trig Substitutions and Partial Fractions;
Partial Fractions.
2/18 5.9 Simpson's Rule
5.10 Improper integrals
HW04 on WebAssign, Due Wed 2/27 at 9am.
Paper homework 3, Due in recitation on W, Th, or F.
Midpoint, Trapeziod, and Simpson's rule;
Simpson's rule, Improper integrals;
more improper integrals.
2/25 6.1 More about area
6.2, 6.3 Volumes, Volumes of revolution
HW05 on WebAssign, Due Monday 3/4 at 5pm.
No paper homework this week; study for the exam instead.
Area between curves;
Exam Review.
3/4 M 3/4 8.45 pm: Midterm 1 More information is here
6.4 Arc length
6.5 Average Value
6.1-6.4 in 3rd ed
6.6 Work
3/8: Last day to move down to MAT126 or MAT131. File this form before 4pm.
HW06 on WebAssign, Due Wednesday 3/13 at 10am.
Paper homework 4, Due in recitation on W, Th, or F.
Volumes of Revolution;
Arc Length and Average Value;
3/11 Appendix H Polar coordinates, Polar Curves and Area
8.1 Sequences
HW07 on WebAssign, Due Wed 3/27 at 9am. Polar Coordinates;
Polar Curves and Area;
Polar Area, infinite sequences.
3/18 Spring Break
3/25 8.2 Infinite series
8.3 Integral test
8.3 Comparison and Limit comparison tests
HW08 on WebAssign, Due Wed 4/3 at 9am. more sequences, Geometric and Harmonic Series;
more infinite sums; integral test;
integral and comparison tests.
4/1 8.4 Ratio test, Alternating series test, Absolute convergence
8.5 Power series
8.6 Functions as series
4/5: Last day to change to G/P/NC status or withdraw with W grade (must be done by 4pm)
HW09 on WebAssign, Due Wed 4/10 at 9am. Alternating Series, Absolute Convergence, Ratio Test;
Power Series;
New Power Series from Old Ones.
4/8 review
W 4/10 8.45pm: Midterm 2
8.7 Taylor and Maclaurin series
HW10 on WebAssign, Due Wed 4/17 at 9am. review for midterm
Functions as Power SeriesFunctions as Power Series
4/15 8.8 Applications of Taylor series
Appendix I Complex Numbers
7.1 Modeling with differential equations
HW11 on WebAssign, Due Wed 4/24 at 9am.
Paper homework 5, Due in recitation on W, Th, or F.
convergence of Taylor series, binomial series, etc.
Taylor Remainder, Complex numbers
Complex exponential; intro to Differential Equations
4/22 7.2 Direction fields, Euler's method
7.3 Separable Equations
7.4 Exponential growth
HW12 on WebAssign, Due Wed 5/1 at 9am. Direction Fields and Euler's method
Separable differential equations
mixing, heating, exponential growth
4/29 Notes on 2nd order Differential Equations (see here)
7.5 The logistic equation
HW13 on WebAssign, Due Wed 5/8 at 9am. Second order linear D.E.s
More 2nd order linear DE.s, logistic model
5/6 7.6 Predator-Prey systems
Predator Prey systems
5/13 No Class: Finals and Reading Period review I
review II
review III
Problem Session
5/20 Final (Cumulative)
Monday, May 20, 8:00-10:45am
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