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MAT 211: Exams

FINAL EXAM: May 18, 8:00- 10:30am, in Physics 118.

The final exam is cumulative and covers all the material we studied during the semester.

Update on grading policy: to give everybody an extra chance to improve their grades, I may give the final exam a larger weight in the total score (up to 60 %). This will be done only for the students who do well on the final (ie in cases when this heavier weight is in your favor). If the weight of 35 % (announced in the syllabus) gives you a better overall score, larger weight will not be used.

Final exam topics and types of questions that will be on the test.

A review for the final will be held on Friday, May 8, 9:10-10:30 in P-131 Math. Bring your questions!

MIDTERM I: March 11, in class.

Checklist of the material that you have to know for the test.

(I have updated the checklist to remove the Rank-Nullity Theorem that we didn't cover. Otherwise, Kernels and Images will be covered by the test.)

To prepare for the exam, go over the past homeworks and make sure you understand all the questions and can do similar ones. For extra practice, the following exercises are good:

1.1: 13,15; 1.2: 9,19,35,45; 1.3:6,7,8,9,23,24,28,33,37,44,49 2.1:5,6,17,19,21; 2.2: 8,10,11,19,21,26ab; 2.3(4th ed.):7,8,25,39,46; 2.4(4th ed.): 5,9,17,31,40,41,43,61

3.1:5,9,13,30,33, 37; 3.2:17,19,30; 3.3: 17,21,27,31; 3.4: 9,11

This is a lot of exercises, so concentrate on those you find the hardest. True-False Questions at the end of each chapter are recommended. You can also look at a practice test posted here, but keep in mind that this is not a template for the actual exam, and that it includes some things that won't be required for our exam.

MIDTERM II: April 20, in class.

Second exam will emphasize the material covered since the first (see Schedule, now updated) but you are still responsible for all previous skills and concepts. (This means there won't be a separate question asking you to multiply matrices or to solve a linear system, but you will need these skills to solve questions related to Chapters 4 and 5.)

Here's a checklist of the things you have to know for the test. (Some of it to be covered Wednesday 4/15.)

As usual, going over the past homeworks provides the best preparation. For extra practice, the following exercises are useful:

3.4: 13, 21, 27, 39;

4.1: 7,9, 21, 31; 4.2: 7, 23, 25, 27, 53, 67; 4.3: 7, 21;

5.1: 7, 15, 21, 26, 29; 5.2: 7, 39