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MAT 132 Calculus II

Please try to read the assigned textbook section(s) before coming to class.

Homework will be assigned weekly and typically consist of two parts, a larger online homework to be completed in the WebAssign system, and a smaller "traditional" assignment (1-2 questions) that you will need to write up and hand in to recitation instructors.

To access WebAssign homework, log in to your Blackboard account first (with your NetID and password). In Blackboard, go to Courses you are taking; find MAT 132. In MAT 132, find WebAssign in Tools. Go in. No course key is needed; everyone has about 2 weeks of free trial access (beginning 08/27). If you purchased a WebAssign card, you will need a code ("prefix") from the card. Otherwise, you can purchase access online.

If something in WebAssign doesn't seem to work properly, make sure you use a "real" computer (not ipad or phone), update everything, and perhaps try a different browser. (For some reason, WebAssign doesn't like Safari.) It seems that Firefox and Internet Explorer work best.

Grading policy has changed for WebAssign Homeworks 3 and 4. You have 4 attempts on each question. Each question is worth 1 point. If you get the answer wrong, a correct answer on the second attempt is only worth 1/2 point. (This is because many questions on this assignment have a yes/no answer.) A correct answer on second or third attempt is worth 1/4 point. Extra help options (practice questions, tutorials, etc) become available after 1 or 2 attempts. Please explore WebAssign to learn what's available. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THE ANSWER FORMAT. SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO ENTER ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS.

Each assignment has comments and instructions on top of it. Please read those carefully before attempting the questions.

If you think there's an issue with a particular WebAssign question (or the way it is graded), please contact your recitation instructor.

The traditional written homework needs to be written carefully. Answers without explanations will receive little credit; please show all the work. (You will have to do questions of similar format on exams, writing up your solutions in a similar way.) Turn in your written homework at the first recitation of the following week. This means Monday for some people, Tuesday for others, depending on what recitation section you are in. Your recitation instructor will grade the homeworks and return them to you. Please look at the graded homework and make sure you understand what you did wrong. If you don't, talk to your instructor.

When is Homework 13 due? WebAssign is due on FRIDAY, Dec 6, at 5:00pm. There is no written part this week.

8/26-8/30 8.1 sequences 8.1. questions 20, 43 (written part) + WebAssign
9/3-9/6 8.2 series, convergence and divergence 8.2. questions 42, 60 (written part) + WebAssign
9/9-9/13 8.2 and 8.3 ( testing by comparing only)
8.4 Absolute Convergence, Ratio Test only
questions 28, 30 from 8.3 (written part) + WebAssign
9/16-9/20 8.4 (Alternating test), 8.5 Power series,
convergence and divergence. begin 8.6
questions 12, 20 from 8.5 (written part) + WebAssign
9/23-9/27 Review, Midterm I on 9/24, 8.6, begin 8.7 questions 10, 30 from 8.7 (written part) + WebAssign
9/30-10/4 8.7 Taylor series and applications
8.8. Approximations with Taylor series
51 from 8.7, 22 from 8.8 (written part) + WebAssign
10/7-10/11 begin Chapter 5 (review 5.1-5.5, begin 5.6)
3 from 5.4, 30 from 5.5 (written part) + WebAssign
10/14-10/18 5.6, 5.7 (NO trig substitution), 5.9 questions 20 from 5.6, 19 from 5.9 (written part) + WebAssign
10/21-10/25 5.10, 8.3 (Integral test only), 6.1, begin 6.2 31 from 8.3, 15 from 6.2 (written part) + WebAssign
11/4-11/8 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.8 (except Average values part)
6.6 Work only
38 from 6.3 (draw the shells etc)
13 from 6.5 (written part) + WebAssign
11/11-11/15 7.1, 7.2
7.3 (except Orthogonal Trajectories and Mixing)
12, 24 from 7.2 (written part) + WebAssign
(use a calculator in 24 but explain and illustrate the method)
11/18-11/22 Notes on second-order diff equations question 16 from the notes, question 22 from section 7.4 + WebAssign
12/2-12/6 7.4, 7.5 (modeling with differential equations)
WebAssign (no written part)

An important change in course grading policy: your lowest homework score will be DROPPED when computing homework total.