SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 519:
Spring 2011

Welcome to MAT 519


Observe that the place and time of the class has changed.
Now this is Wed 5:20-8:10 at Mathematics P-131.

Please, read the comments on answers to the questionnaire that was distributed at the first lecture and solution with extensive comments for problems of test 1 given at the second lecture. The "comments" contains lots of mathematical remarks. Check whether you understand these remarks. If not, please, ask me.

A hometask to the next lecture on Wednesday, February 9: prepare a short (at most 10 minutes) oral presentation of a topic that you currently teach. If you do not teach, choose any topic that you like. Address the following questions:
1. What is the mathematical contents in this topic (definitions, theorems, proofs)?
2. What examples would you use in class to preface the story?
3. Do you expect to surprise your students by anything in this topic?
4. How do you want to keep your students interested?
5. What part of the topic do you expect to be the most difficult and why?
6. What resources do you use?