SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 360: Geometric Structures
Spring 2010


Lecture 23 (on April 20) was devoted to the notion of similarity. The approach differs from the approach exercised in the Kiselev textbook. Here is a detailed conspect of this lecture.

Lectures 15-17 (on March 18, 23 and 25) were devoted to the first notions of stereometry. Here is a sketch of these lectures.

Lecture 13 (on March 11) was devoted to isometries of the plane. Here is a sketch of lecture 13.

Lecture 7 (on February 18) was devoted to three problems and general discussion about construction problems. Here is a sketch of lecture 7.

Some of the lectures feature a computer presentation. Below you can find links to the corresponding graphical files.

Warning: These files are not supposed to be printed. They should be read from computer screen. If you would print such a file, you would get a huge number of pages with contents almost identical on the pages next to each other. For example, the presentation of the second lecture contains 83 pages.

Warning: The lectures contain more than the files. The files cannot serve as a replacement for the lectures. Some crucial words are missing on the screen, just to be said by the lecturer.

Lecture 2, January 28.

Lecture 5, February 9.

Lecture 6, February 16.