Stony Brook MAT132 CALCULUS II
  SPRING 2010

MAT 131 - Calculus I

Stony Brook University - Fall 2010

General Information Syllabus and Homework Exams Staff, schedules, office hours

Staff, office hours, schedules

Lectures and Recitations Schedule

Every lecturer and recitation instructor will hold office hours every week (the times and locations can be found here). You encouraged to see your lecturer or recitation instructor to discuss homework or other questions related to the course.

If you have organizational questions, issues or complaints about the course, please contact your recitation instructor first. If this does not resolve the matter, you should then contact your lecturer, and then the Course Coordinator (Moira Chas).


LEC 1 MWF 9:35am-10:30am Engineering 143 Moira Chas (Course coordinator)
R01 MW 11:45am-12:40pm Library E4315 Mark Hughes
R02 TuTh 9:50am-10:45am Mathematics P131 Sanja Nedic
R03 TuTh 3:50pm- 4:45pm Lgt Engr Lab 152 Sanja Nedic
R05 MW 10:40am-11:35am Lgt Engr Lab 152 Mark Hughes
LEC 2 TuTh 2:20pm- 3:40pm Humanities 1003 Mikhail Movshev
R06 TuTh 5:20pm- 6:15pm Library E4310 Cheng Hao
R07 MW 9:35am-10:30am Physics P118 Xuan Chen
R09 TuTh 11:20am-12:15pm Physics P129 Fadi Elkhatib
LEC 3 TuTh 5:20pm- 6:40pm Library W4550 Nathan Sunukjian
R10 TuTh 6:50pm- 7:45pm Library E4310 Cheng Hao
R11 MW 3:50pm- 4:45pm S B Union 226 Xuan Chen


Staff office hours, offices and email address.

Class Instructor Email Address (all ending with
MLC (or P-143) hours Other Office Hrs. Office Hrs. Room
R01 Mark Hughes hughes  Tues, Thurs 2-3 Mo 1-2 3-103 Math
R02 Sanja Nedic sanja Tu 1-2pm Tu 5-6pm Th 5-6pm Physics C 114
R03 Sanja Nedic sanja see above
R05 Mark Hughes hughes see above
R06 Cheng Hao hao Th 2-4pm Th 4-5pm D126 Physics
R07 Xuan Chen chenx Fri 12-2pm 2-3pm S240-C Math
R09 Fadi Elkahatib felkhatib Tu 3-4p; Fri 1-2pm We 10-11 S240-C Math
R10 Cheng Hao hao Th 2-4pm Th 4-5pm D126 Physics
R11 Xuan Chen chenx
L01 Moira Chas moira We 10:35-11:35am in P-143 Math Mo 10:30-12:30 3-119 Math
L02 Mikhail Movshev mmoshev Th 10-11 in P-143 Math Tu 10-11 Th 11-12
L03 Nathan Sunukjian nsunkjian Wed 11-12 Tu-Th 10:10-11:10 4-114 Math

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