MAT 142 - Honors Calculus II

Study Guide for Final Exam

Our final exam will be on Friday, May 12, at 8am-10:30am, in our usual classroom. Be sure to review the following topics:

  • Sequences: definition of a limit (in terms of ε and N);
  • Functions: definition of continuity (in terms of ε and δ);
  • Taylor's theorem (with remainder);
  • Series: Tests for convergence or divergence;
  • Absolute versus conditional convergence;
  • Geometric series and telescoping series;
  • Power series: radius of convergence;
  • Taylor series for common functions (ex, cos x, sin x);
  • Radius of convergence, and how to compute it;
  • Euler's formula for eix, and what it means for the future of mankind.

Rob Findley has kindly volunteered to conduct a review session on Thursday 5/11, at 4:30 pm, in the Mathematics Common Room (Math Tower, 4th floor). This review session should be of great help in preparing for the final exam. Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend.