Advanced Real Analysis, Digital Second Edition

Published by the author, 2016.
Corrected version, 2017.
Digital version in PDF only, freely distributed, not sold, has no ISBN.
620+xxviii pages.

A companion volume Basic Real Analysis, Digital Second Edition, was pubished in 2016.
It has no ISBN.

Chapter Titles: 

Introduction to Boundary-Value Problems
Compact Self-Adjoint Operators
Topics in Euclidean Fourier Analysis
Topics in Functional Analysis
Compact and Locally Compact Groups
Aspects of Partial Differential Equations
Analysis on Manifolds
Foundations of Probability
Introduction to Wavelets

Files Available:

The following files of the corrected version of 2017 are available at the download page:

The corrected version of 2017 differs from the original version of 2016 in the following ways:

Archive of obsolete files:

Below are files of the original 2016 version and its corrections.  These files are now obsolete.

Last modified: 2/1/2017