Stony Brook Mathematics
Schedule of Classes
Spring 2023

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Mathematics Education Courses

MAE 302 Methods and Materials for Teaching Secondary School Math
Note: Offered as MAE 302 and MAE 520
LEC 0140730Tu 4:45pm- 7:35pmMathematics4130 
LEC 0253205Th 4:45pm- 7:35pm   

MAE 311 Introduction to Methods of Teaching Secondary School Math
Offered as MAE 311 and MAE 510
LEC 0154340TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pm   

MAE 312 Micro-Teaching
Note: Offered as MAE 312 and MAE 540
S0140731Th 3:00pm- 4:20pm   

MAE 330 Technology in Math Education
Offered as MAE 330 and MAT 517
LEC 0146765MW 2:40pm- 4:00pm   

T1355667FLEX 1:00am- 1:00am  Lisa Berger

MAE 447 Directed Readings in Math
Note: Offered as MAE 447 and MAE 530
T0140732Tu 2:30pm- 3:50pmOnline  

MAE 451 Sup Teaching Grades 7-9
Note: Offered as MAE 451 and MAE 551

MAE 452 Sup Teaching Grades 10-12
Note: Offered as MAE 452 and MAE 552

MAE 454 Student Teaching Seminar
Note: Offered as MAE 454 and MAE 554
S0140735W 4:25pm- 7:15pmPhysicsP127 

MAE 510 Intro to Methods of Teaching
Offered as MAE 510 and MAE 311
LEC 0154341TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pm   

MAE 520 Advanced Methods of Teaching
Note: Offered as MAE 520 and MAE 302
LEC 0144657Tu 4:45pm- 7:35pmMathematics4130 
LEC 0253206Th 4:45pm- 7:35pm   

MAE 530 Directed Readings and Research
Note: Offered as MAE 530 and MAE 447
T0144326Tu 2:30pm- 3:50pmOnline  

MAE 540 Clinical Experience
Note: Offered as MAE 540 and MAE 312
S0144325Th 3:00pm- 4:20pm   

MAE 551 Supervised Student Teaching
Note: Offered as MAE 551 and MAE 451

MAE 552 Supervised Teach High School
Note: Offered as MAE 552 and MAE 452

MAE 554 Student Teaching Seminar
Note: Offered as MAE 554 and MAE 454
S0144532W 4:25pm- 7:15pmPhysicsP127 

MAE 698 Independent Study, Mathematics
T1346239    Lisa Berger

Undergraduate Courses

MAP 103 Proficiency Algebra
Note: Some seats reserved for Advising
LEC 0140736MWF10:30am-11:25am   
LEC 0240737TuTh 6:30pm- 7:50pmPhysicsP127 
LEC 0347897TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysicsP127 
LEC 0447487TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pm   

MAT 118 Mathematical Thinking
LEC 0147488TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pm   
R0147489W 2:40pm- 3:35pm   
R0247490M 1:00pm- 1:55pm   
R0353184Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pm   

MAT 119 Foundations for Precalculus
Note: Students must also enroll concurrently in MAT 123
LEC 0147881W 2:40pm- 4:00pm   

MAT 122 Overview of Calculus with Applications
LEC 3054190FLEX 1:00am- 1:00amOnline  

MAT 123 Precalculus
LEC 0153963MW 4:25pm- 5:45pm   
R0240739M 1:00pm- 1:55pm   
R0440740M 7:50pm- 8:45pm   
R0553185Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pm   
LEC 0253962TuTh 9:45am-11:05am   
R2046118M 6:05pm- 7:00pm   
R2146119M 1:00pm- 1:55pm   
R2253187W 4:25pm- 5:20pm   
R2353964Th 4:45pm- 5:40pm   
R2440741Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pm   
R2553966F 9:15am-10:10amPhysicsP130 

MAT 125 Calculus A
LEC 0153933MW 4:25pm- 5:45pm   
R0140742M 8:30am- 9:25am   
R0240743Tu 9:45am-10:40amPhysicsP130 
R0440745Th 3:00pm- 3:55pm   
R0540746M 2:40pm- 3:35pm   
LEC 0253934TuTh 9:45am-11:05am   
R2146793Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pm   
R2240747F 1:00pm- 1:55pmPhysicsP130 
R2340748Th 6:30pm- 7:25pm   
R2553189M 7:50pm- 8:45pmPhysicsP130 
LEC 0353935TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pm   
R3153191Tu 9:45am-10:40am   
R3253937F 1:00pm- 1:55pm   
R3353938Th 6:30pm- 7:25pm   
R3553940M 7:50pm- 8:45pm   

MAT 126 Calculus B
LEC 0154006MW 4:25pm- 5:45pm   
R0240751F 9:15am-10:10amPhysicsP112 
R0340752Tu 8:00am- 8:55amPhysicsP112 
R0440753W 6:05pm- 7:00pm   
R0544427W 8:30am- 9:25am   
R0653193Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pm   
R0740754Th 3:00pm- 3:55pm   
LEC 0254007TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pm   
R2144604F 9:15am-10:10amPhysicsP127 
R2244605Th 8:00am- 8:55amPhysicsP127 
R2344606W 6:05pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP112 
R2444613W 8:30am- 9:25amPhysicsP112 
R2553194Tu 9:45am-10:40am   
R2653195Th 3:00pm- 3:55pm   
LEC 0354008TuTh 9:45am-11:05am   
R3044615Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmPhysicsP112 
R3146802Th 3:00pm- 3:55pmPhysicsP112 
R3246799Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmPhysicsP130 
R3346800Tu 6:30pm- 7:25pm   
R3446801Th 8:00am- 8:55amPhysicsP112 
R3546803W 6:05pm- 7:00pm   

MAT 127 Calculus C
LEC 0153942MW 4:25pm- 5:45pm   
LEC 0253941TuTh 9:45am-11:05am   
LEC 0346149TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pm   
grdr 1      
grdr 2       
grdr 3      

MAT 130 Trigonometry and Logarithms
Note: Spring 2022: Class only meets for the first 6 weeks of the semester. Students must enroll concurrently in MAT 125.
LEC 0153943MF 1:00pm- 2:20pm   

MAT 131 Calculus I
LEC 0153944TuTh 9:45am-11:05amOnline  
R0240756TuTh 6:30pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP112 
R0353192TuTh 4:45pm- 5:40pmPhysicsP112 

MAT 132 Calculus II
LEC 0153945MW 4:25pm- 5:45pm   
R0140757TuTh 6:30pm- 7:25pm   
R0240758MW 2:40pm- 3:35pm   
R0340759TuTh 1:15pm- 2:10pm   
LEC 0253946TuTh 9:45am-11:05am   
R2040760TuTh 6:30pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP130 
R2240762TuTh 1:15pm- 2:10pmPhysicsP130 

MAT 200 Logic, Language and Proof
LEC 0140763TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pm   
LEC 0244702MWF10:30am-11:25am   
LEC 0355652MF 1:00pm- 2:20pm   
LEC 0455651TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pm   
grdr 1      
grdr 2      
grdr 4      

MAT 203 Calculus III with Applications
LEC 0153949TuTh11:30am-12:50pm   
R0140764Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pm   
LEC 0253948MW 6:05pm- 7:25pm   
R2053473Th 1:15pm- 2:10pm   
R2146497Th 9:45am-10:40amPhysicsP130 
R2247223M 2:40pm- 3:35pm   
R2353950W 8:30am- 9:25am   

MAT 211 Introduction to Linear Algebra
Note: May not be taken for credit in addition to AMS 201 or AMS 210. Some seats are reserved.
LEC 0153951TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pm   
LEC 0253952TuTh11:30am-12:50pm   
LEC 0353953MW 4:25pm- 5:45pm   
LEC 0446321MW 2:40pm- 4:00pm   
grdr 1      
grdr 2      
grdr 3      
grdr 4      

MAT 250 Intro to Advanced Mathematics
Note: Note: Contact department at for permission to register
LEC 0154067TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pm   

MAT 303 Calculus IV with Applications
Note: May not be taken for credit in addition to MAT 308 or AMS 361.
LEC 0153955MWF 9:15am-10:10am   
R0140660F 1:00pm- 1:55pmPhysicsP112 
R0244301W 4:25pm- 5:20pmPhysicsP130 
R0453261Tu 6:30pm- 7:25pm   

MAT 308 Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
LEC 0145497MW 4:25pm- 5:45pm   
R0145498Th 4:45pm- 5:40pm   

MAT 310 Linear Algebra
LEC 0153956TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pm   
R0353233W 4:25pm- 5:20pm   

MAT 312 Applied Algebra
Note: Offered as MAT 312 and AMS 351.
LEC 0140661TuTh 9:45am-11:05am   
R0143450W 2:40pm- 3:35pm   
R0247491Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pm   
LEC 0246150MWF11:45am-12:40pm   
R2046151W 8:30am- 9:25am   
R2147492F 9:15am-10:10am   

MAT 314 Abstract Algebra II
Note: Offered as MAT 314 and MAT 525
LEC 0147211TuTh 9:45am-11:05amPhysicsP112 

MAT 315 Advanced Linear Algebra
Note: Meets with MAT 526 Students should enroll in MAT 310. After two weeks, students will move into MAT 315 if appropriate
LEC 0147478TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pm   

MAT 319 Foundations of Analysis
LEC 0154010TuTh11:30am-12:50pm   
R0143434MW 2:40pm- 3:35pm   
R0252561MW 2:40pm- 3:35pm   
R0353234MW 2:40pm- 3:35pm   

MAT 320 Introduction to Analysis
Note: Students should enroll in MAT 319. After 6 weeks, student will move into MAT 320.
LEC 0154011TuTh11:30am-12:50pm   
R0146498MW 2:40pm- 3:35pmPhysicsP130 

MAT 322 Analysis in Several Dimensions
Note: Offered as MAT 322 and MAT 523
LEC 0147646MW 2:40pm- 4:00pm   

MAT 331 Computer-Assisted Mathematical Problem Solving
LEC 0140662TuTh 9:45am-11:05am   
LEC 0247880TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pm   
grdr 1      
grdr 2      

MAT 336 History of Mathematics
LEC 0143437TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pm   
grdr 1      

MAT 341 Applied Real Analysis
LEC 0146322MWF 9:15am-10:10am   

MAT 342 Applied Complex Analysis
LEC 0140663TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pm   
LEC 0247480MWF11:45am-12:40pm   
grdr 1      
grdr 2      

MAT 351 Differential Equations: Dynamics and Change
LEC 0147879TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pm   

MAT 360 Geometric Structures
LEC 0140664TuTh11:30am-12:50pm   

MAT 362 Differential Geometry of Surfaces
LEC 0140665TuTh11:30am-12:50pm   

MAT 373 Analysis of Algorithms
Note: Many seats are restricted to CSE majors. MAT majors wishing to enroll should contact department. Offered as MAT 373 and CSE 373.
LEC 0140666MW 8:30am- 9:50am  Himanshu Gupta

MAT 402 Probably: topology and minimal surfaces
Note: Algebraic background at the level of MAT312 or MAT313 required for this specific topic section; some topology recommended
S0145584TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pm   

MAT 458 Speak Effectively Before/Aud
T3153651    Scott Sutherland

MAT 459 Write Effectively

MAT 487 Indep Study in Special Topics

MAT 495 Honors Thesis

Graduate Courses

MAT 512 Algebra for Teachers
LEC 0143441MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmMathematics4130 

MAT 513 Analysis for Teachers I
LEC 0144533MW 6:05pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP130 

MAT 517 Calculators/Computers for Teachers
Offered as MAT 517 and MAE 330
LEC 0146764MW 2:40pm- 4:00pm   

MAT 520 Geometry for Teachers II
LEC 0154199TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pm   

MAT 523 Analysis in Several Dimensions
Note: Offered as MAT 523 and MAT 322
LEC 0152559MW 2:40pm- 4:00pm   

MAT 525 Abstract Algebra II
Note: Offered as MAT 314 and MAT 525
LEC 0152560TuTh 9:45am-11:05amPhysicsP112 

MAT 526 Linear Algebra
Note: Meets with MAT 315
LEC 0154198TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pm   

MAT 531 Topology, Geometry II
LEC 0140668TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmPhysicsP130 

MAT 533 Real Analysis II
LEC 0146907MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmPhysicsP112 

MAT 535 Algebra II
LEC 0140669TuTh 9:45am-11:05amMathematics4130 

MAT 536 Complex Analysis I
LEC 0146908MW11:45am- 1:05pmPhysicsP127 

MAT 552 Introduction to Lie Groups and Lie Algebras Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0146909MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmPhysicsP127 

MAT 554 Harmonic Analysis Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0155668MW11:45am- 1:05pmPhysicsP130 

MAT 555 Ergodic Theory and Smooth Dynamics Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0155665MW 9:15am-10:35am   

MAT 566 Differential Topology Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0145842TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmPhysicsP127 

MAT 569 Differential Geometry II Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0140670TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysicsP130 

MAT 589 Introduction to Algebraic Geometry Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0146499TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmPhysicsP127 

MAT 599 M.A. Research

MAT 615 Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Complex Curves and Surfaces Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0140671MW 9:15am-10:35amPhysicsP130 

MAT 639 Topics in Real Analysis: Variational Methods in Complex Geometry
LEC 0155678TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysicsP112 

MAT 645 Topics in Differential Geometry: Twistor Techniques in Differential Geometry Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0153223MW11:45am- 1:05pmPhysicsP112 

MAT 656 Topics in Dynamical Systems: Boundedness Theorems in Kleinian Groups and Complex Dynamics
LEC 0155679TuTh 9:45am-11:05amPhysicsP127 

MAT 682 Advanced Topics in Differential Geometry: The Fukaya Category
LEC 0155680TuTh11:30am-12:50pm   

MAT 691 Advanced Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Vector Bundles on Algebraic Varieties
LEC 0155681MW10:30am-11:50am   

MAT 696 Mathematics Seminar
Classic and new tools related to combinatorial topology and the computations of processes in space
Final Exam: No final exam
S0146503F 1:00pm- 3:55pmMathematics4130 

MAT 697 Mathematics Colloquium
S0146932Th 4:00pm- 6:00pmMathematicsP131 

MAT 698 Mathematics Seminar

MAT 699 Dissertation Resrch on Campus

MAT 700 Dissertation off Campus Domest

MAT 701 Dissertation off Campus Intern