Stony Brook Mathematics
Schedule of Classes
Spring 2023

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Mathematics Education Courses

MAE 301 Foundations of Secondary School Math
LEC 0156341MW11:45am- 1:05pmMathematics4130Lisa Berger

MAE 302 Methods and Materials for Teaching Secondary School Math
Note: Offered as MAE 302 and MAE 520
LEC 0140730Tu 4:45pm- 7:35pmMathematics4130Derek Pope
LEC 0253205Th 4:45pm- 7:35pmEarth&Space177 

MAE 311 Introduction to Methods of Teaching Secondary School Math
Offered as MAE 311 and MAE 510
LEC 0154340Tu 4:45pm- 7:35pmChemistry126Nicholas Lorenzen

MAE 312 Micro-Teaching
Note: Offered as MAE 312 and MAE 540
S0140731M 1:00pm- 2:20pmPhysicsP117Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 330 Technology in Math Education
Offered as MAE 330 and MAT 517
LEC 0146765MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmFrey Hall309Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

T1355667FLEX 1:00am- 1:00am  Lisa Berger

MAE 447 Directed Readings in Math
Note: Offered as MAE 447 and MAE 530
T0140732Tu 2:30pm- 3:50pmOnlineONLINEAlaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 451 Sup Teaching Grades 7-9
Note: Offered as MAE 451 and MAE 551
V0140733    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 452 Sup Teaching Grades 10-12
Note: Offered as MAE 452 and MAE 552
V0140734    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez
V0256393    Greg Camenzuli
V0356394    Greg Camenzuli

MAE 454 Student Teaching Seminar
Note: Offered as MAE 454 and MAE 554
S0140735W 4:25pm- 7:15pmPhysicsP127Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 501 Foundtns. of Sec. Math Curric.
LEC 0156340MW11:45am- 1:05pmMathematics4130Lisa Berger

MAE 510 Intro to Methods of Teaching
Offered as MAE 510 and MAE 311
LEC 0154341Tu 4:45pm- 7:35pmChemistry126Nicholas Lorenzen

MAE 520 Advanced Methods of Teaching
Note: Offered as MAE 520 and MAE 302
LEC 0144657Tu 4:45pm- 7:35pmMathematics4130Derek Pope
LEC 0253206Th 4:45pm- 7:35pmEarth&Space177 

MAE 530 Directed Readings and Research
Note: Offered as MAE 530 and MAE 447
T0144326Tu 2:30pm- 3:50pmOnlineONLINEAlaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 540 Clinical Experience
Note: Offered as MAE 540 and MAE 312
S0144325M 1:00pm- 2:20pmPhysicsP117Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 551 Supervised Student Teaching
Note: Offered as MAE 551 and MAE 451
V0144530    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 552 Supervised Teach High School
Note: Offered as MAE 552 and MAE 452
V0144531    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez
V0256395    Greg Camenzuli
V0356396    Greg Camenzuli

MAE 554 Student Teaching Seminar
Note: Offered as MAE 554 and MAE 454
S0144532W 4:25pm- 7:15pmPhysicsP127Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 698 Independent Study, Mathematics
T1346239    Lisa Berger

Undergraduate Courses

MAP 103 Proficiency Algebra
Note: Some seats reserved for Advising. Spring 2023 in person exams 2/27 & 4/19 7:50 - 9:15 PM.
LEC 0140736MWF10:30am-11:25amLibraryE4310Kristen Pagano*
LEC 0240737TuTh 6:30pm- 7:50pmPhysicsP127Thomas Rico
LEC 0347897TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysicsP127Kristen Pagano
LEC 0447487TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pmPhysicsP116Stephanie Lamb
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MAT 118 Mathematical Thinking
LEC 0147488TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmEarth&Space001Christiane Stidham
R0147489W 2:40pm- 3:35pmLgt Engr Lab152 
R0247490M 1:00pm- 1:55pmPhysicsP113 
R0353184Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmPhysicsP113 

MAT 119 Foundations for Precalculus
Note: Some seats have been reserved. Students must also enroll concurrently in MAT 123
LEC 0147881W 2:40pm- 4:00pmEarth&Space079Deb Krieg

MAT 122 Overview of Calculus with Applications
LEC 0154190TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pmLibraryE4330William Bernhard
R0154189W 4:25pm- 5:20pmEarth&Space183 
R0256252Tu 9:45am-10:40amStaller Ctr3218 

MAT 123 Precalculus
LEC 0153963MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmFrey Hall104Cheryl Bishop
R0240739M 1:00pm- 1:55pmEarth&Space079 
R0440740M 7:50pm- 8:45pmPhysicsP127 
R0553185Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmEarth&Space079 
LEC 0253962TuTh 9:45am-11:05amFrey Hall102Deb Krieg*
R2046118M 6:05pm- 7:00pmPhysicsP116 
R2146119M 1:00pm- 1:55pmLgt Engr Lab152 
R2253187W 4:25pm- 5:20pmLibraryW4530 
R2353964Th 4:45pm- 5:40pmPhysicsP127 
R2440741Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmLgt Engr Lab152 
R2553966F 9:15am-10:10amPhysicsP130 

MAT 125 Calculus A
Note: Spring 2023 in person exams 2/27 & 4/19 7:50 - 9:15 PM.
LEC 0153933MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmOnlineONLINEDavid Kahn*
R0140742M 8:30am- 9:25amPhysicsP116 
R0240743Tu 9:45am-10:40amPhysicsP130 
R0440745Th 3:00pm- 3:55pmLgt Engr Lab152 
R0540746M 2:40pm- 3:35pmLibraryW4530 
LEC 0253934TuTh 9:45am-11:05amEarth&Space001Theodore Drivas
R2146793Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmPhysicsP127 
R2240747F 1:00pm- 1:55pmPhysicsP130 
R2340748Th 6:30pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP113 
R2553189M 7:50pm- 8:45pmPhysicsP130 
LEC 0353935TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pmEarth&Space001Theodore Drivas
R3153191Tu 9:45am-10:40amEarth&Space069 
R3253937F 1:00pm- 1:55pmPhysicsP127 
R3353938Th 6:30pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP116 
R3553940M 7:50pm- 8:45pmPhysicsP116 

MAT 126 Calculus B
Note: Spring 2023 in person exams 2/28 8:15 - 9:35 PM & 4/17 7:50 - 9:15 PM.
LEC 0154006MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmEarth&Space001Deb Krieg
R0240751F 9:15am-10:10amPhysicsP112 
R0340752Tu 8:00am- 8:55amPhysicsP112 
R0440753W 6:05pm- 7:00pmEarth&Space069 
R0544427W 8:30am- 9:25amPhysicsP127 
R0653193Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmEarth&Space069 
R0740754Th 3:00pm- 3:55pmLibraryW4530 
LEC 0254007TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pmFrey Hall104Robert Andersen
R2144604F 9:15am-10:10amPhysicsP127 
R2244605Th 8:00am- 8:55amPhysicsP127 
R2344606W 6:05pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP112 
R2444613W 8:30am- 9:25amPhysicsP112 
R2553194Tu 9:45am-10:40amEarth&Space079 
R2653195Th 3:00pm- 3:55pmEarth&Space079 
LEC 0354008TuTh 9:45am-11:05amFrey Hall100Thomas Rico*
R3044615Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmPhysicsP112 
R3146802Th 3:00pm- 3:55pmPhysicsP112 
R3246799Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmPhysicsP130 
R3346800Tu 6:30pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP116 
R3446801Th 8:00am- 8:55amPhysicsP112 
R3546803W 6:05pm- 7:00pmPhysicsP116 

MAT 127 Calculus C
Note: Spring 2023 in person exams 2/28 8:15 - 9:35 PM & 4/17 7:50 - 9:15 PM.
LEC 0153942MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmLibraryE4330Ethan Addison
LEC 0253941TuTh 9:45am-11:05amLibraryE4320Stephanie Lamb
LEC 0346149TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmEarth&Space131Dzmitry Dudko*
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MAT 130 Trigonometry and Logarithms
Note: Some seats have been reserved. Spring 2022: Class only meets for the first 6 weeks of the semester. Students must enroll concurrently in MAT 125.
LEC 0153943MF 1:00pm- 2:20pmPhysicsP116Thomas Rico

MAT 131 Calculus I
Note: Spring 2023 in person exams 2/27 & 4/19 7:50 - 9:15 PM.
LEC 0153944TuTh 9:45am-11:05amOnlineONLINELowell Jones
R0240756TuTh 6:30pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP112 
R0353192TuTh 4:45pm- 5:40pmPhysicsP112 

MAT 132 Calculus II
Note: Spring 2023 in person exams 2/27 & 4/19 7:50 - 9:15 PM.
LEC 0153945MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmS B Union103-02Eun Hye Lee
R0140757TuTh 6:30pm- 7:25pmEarth&Space181 
R0240758MW 2:40pm- 3:35pmEarth&Space181 
R0340759TuTh 1:15pm- 2:10pmEarth&Space181 
LEC 0253946TuTh 9:45am-11:05amSimons Centr103Mark De Cataldo*
R2040760TuTh 6:30pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP130 
R2240762TuTh 1:15pm- 2:10pmPhysicsP130 

MAT 200 Logic, Language and Proof
LEC 0140763TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmLibraryE4330Julia Viro
LEC 0244702MF 1:00pm- 2:20pmFrey Hall217Artem Kotelskiy
LEC 0355652MF 1:00pm- 2:20pmEarth&Space069Jian Wang
LEC 0455651TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmLibraryE4310Marie-Louise Michelsohn
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MAT 203 Calculus III with Applications
LEC 0153949TuTh11:30am-12:50pmEarth&Space131Thomas Rico
R0140764Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmPhysicsP128 
LEC 0253948MW 6:05pm- 7:25pmEarth&Space001Ethan Addison
R2053473Th 1:15pm- 2:10pmLibraryW4530 
R2146497Th 9:45am-10:40amPhysicsP130 
R2247223M 2:40pm- 3:35pmEarth&Space079 
R2353950W 8:30am- 9:25amPhysicsP116 

MAT 211 Introduction to Linear Algebra
Note: Some seats have been reserved. May not be taken for credit in addition to AMS 201 or AMS 210. Some seats are reserved.
LEC 0153951TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pmEarth&Space079Langte Ma
LEC 0253952TuTh11:30am-12:50pmEarth&Space079Robert Hough
LEC 0353953MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmEarth&Space079Aleksey Zinger
LEC 0446321MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmPhysicsP113Artem Kotelskiy
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MAT 250 Intro to Advanced Mathematics
Note: Note: Contact department at for permission to register
LEC 0154067MF 1:00pm- 2:20pmEarth&Space181Oleg Viro

MAT 303 Calculus IV with Applications
Note: May not be taken for credit in addition to MAT 308 or AMS 361.
LEC 0153955MWF 9:15am-10:10amOnlineONLINELowell Jones
R0140660F 1:00pm- 1:55pmPhysicsP112 
R0244301W 4:25pm- 5:20pmPhysicsP130 
R0453261Tu 6:30pm- 7:25pmEarth&Space183 

MAT 308 Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
LEC 0145497MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmFrey Hall217Matthew Romney
R0145498Th 4:45pm- 5:40pmPhysicsP113 

MAT 310 Linear Algebra
LEC 0153956TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmEngineering143Marcus Khuri
R0144423W11:45am-12:40pmSocbehav SciN436 

MAT 312 Applied Algebra
Note: Offered as MAT 312 and AMS 351.
LEC 0140661MWF10:30am-11:25amEarth&Space131Olivier Martin
R0143450W 2:40pm- 3:35pmFrey Hall205 
R0247491F 9:15am-10:10amEarth&Space079 
LEC 0246150MWF11:45am-12:40pmLgt Engr Lab102Olivier Martin
R2046151W 8:30am- 9:25amLibraryE4310 
R2147492Th 4:45pm- 5:40pmPhysicsP130 

MAT 314 Abstract Algebra II
Note: Offered as MAT 314 and MAT 525
LEC 0147211TuTh 9:45am-11:05amPhysicsP112Alexander Kirillov

MAT 315 Advanced Linear Algebra
Note: Meets with MAT 526 Students should enroll in MAT 310. After two weeks, students will move into MAT 315 if appropriate
LEC 0147478TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmEarth&Space069Robert Hough

MAT 319 Foundations of Analysis
LEC 0154010TuTh11:30am-12:50pmLibraryW4550James Waterman
R0143434MW 2:40pm- 3:35pmPhysicsP117 
R0252561MW 2:40pm- 3:35pmEarth&Space183 
R0353234MW 2:40pm- 3:35pmFrey Hall224 

MAT 320 Introduction to Analysis
Note: Students should enroll in MAT 319. After 6 weeks, student will move into MAT 320.
LEC 0154011TuTh11:30am-12:50pmFrey Hall305Jason Starr
R0146498MW 2:40pm- 3:35pmFrey Hall224 

MAT 322 Analysis in Several Dimensions
Note: Offered as MAT 322 and MAT 523
LEC 0147646MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmPhysicsP130Oleg Viro

MAT 331 Computer-Assisted Mathematical Problem Solving
Note: Some seats reserved for Major/Minor in MAT
LEC 0247880TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmMathematicsS235Peter Lin

MAT 336 History of Mathematics
Note: All seats reserved for Math Major/Minor
LEC 0143437TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmPhysicsP116Moira Chas
LEC 0253958TuTh 9:45am-11:05amPhysicsP116Santiago Cordero-Misteli
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MAT 341 Applied Real Analysis
LEC 0146322MWF 9:15am-10:10amLibraryW4540Jian Wang

MAT 342 Applied Complex Analysis
LEC 0140663TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmFrey Hall201Dzmitry Dudko
LEC 0247480MWF11:45am-12:40pmEarth&Space131Hongming Nie
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MAT 351 Differential Equations: Dynamics and Change
LEC 0147879TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmPhysicsP113Donghao Wang

MAT 360 Geometric Structures
LEC 0140664TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysicsP113Yongquan Zhang

MAT 362 Differential Geometry of Surfaces
LEC 0140665TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysicsP116Blaine Lawson

MAT 373 Analysis of Algorithms
Note: Many seats are restricted to CSE majors. MAT majors wishing to enroll should contact department. Offered as MAT 373 and CSE 373.
LEC 0140666TuTh 8:00am- 9:20amEarth&Space001Himanshu Gupta

MAT 402 Approximation -- Theory and Practice
Note: Background in Linear Algebra (MAT211/AMS210) and Complex Analysis (MAT342) required. Knowledge of MATLAB helpful but not required. For permission to enroll, please email
S0145584MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmMathematicsS235Christopher Bishop

MAT 458 Speak Effectively Before/Aud
T3153651    Scott Sutherland

MAT 459 Write Effectively

MAT 487 Indep Study in Special Topics
T0140667    Scott Sutherland
T0841981    Christian Schnell
T1341986    Lisa Berger
T2741997    Ljudmila Kamenova
T3744707    Marco Martens

MAT 495 Honors Thesis

Graduate Courses

MAT 512 Algebra for Teachers
LEC 0143441MW 6:05pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP130Christian Schnell

MAT 513 Analysis for Teachers I
LEC 0144533MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmMathematics4130Dimitrios Ntalampekos

MAT 517 Calculators/Computers for Teachers
Offered as MAT 517 and MAE 330
LEC 0146764MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmFrey Hall309Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAT 520 Geometry for Teachers II
LEC 0154199TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pmPhysicsP124Julia Viro

MAT 523 Analysis in Several Dimensions
Note: Offered as MAT 523 and MAT 322
LEC 0152559MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmPhysicsP130Oleg Viro

MAT 525 Abstract Algebra II
Note: Offered as MAT 314 and MAT 525
LEC 0152560TuTh 9:45am-11:05amPhysicsP112Alexander Kirillov

MAT 526 Linear Algebra
Note: Meets with MAT 315
LEC 0154198TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmPhysicsP125Robert Hough

MAT 531 Topology, Geometry II
LEC 0140668MW 9:15am-11:05amEarth&Space181Ljudmila Kamenova

MAT 533 Real Analysis II
LEC 0146907TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysicsP128Raanan Schul

MAT 535 Algebra II
LEC 0140669TuTh 9:45am-11:05amMathematics4130Leon Takhtajan

MAT 536 Complex Analysis I
LEC 0146908MW11:45am- 1:05pmPhysicsP127Scott Sutherland

MAT 552 Introduction to Lie Groups and Lie Algebras Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0146909MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmPhysicsP127Mikhail Movshev

MAT 554 Harmonic Analysis Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0155668MW11:45am- 1:05pmPhysicsP130Jingrui Cheng

MAT 555 Ergodic Theory and Smooth Dynamics Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0155665TuTh 9:45am-11:05amPhysicsP127Mikhail Lyubich

MAT 566 Differential Topology Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0145842TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmPhysicsP117Mark De Cataldo

MAT 569 Differential Geometry II Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0140670TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysicsP130Marcus Khuri

MAT 589 Introduction to Algebraic Geometry Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0146499MW11:30am-12:50pmPhysicsP112Radu Laza

MAT 599 M.A. Research

MAT 615 Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Complex Curves and Surfaces Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0140671MW 9:15am-10:35amPhysicsP130Aleksey Zinger

MAT 639 Topics in Real Analysis: Variational Methods in Complex Geometry
LEC 0155678TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysicsP112Dror Varolin

MAT 645 Topics in Differential Geometry: Twistor Techniques in Differential Geometry Final Exam: No final exam
LEC 0153223TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmPhysicsP127Claude LeBrun

MAT 656 Topics in Dynamical Systems: Boundedness Theorems in Kleinian Groups and Complex Dynamics
LEC 0155679MW 9:15am-10:35amPhysicsP117Yusheng Luo

MAT 682 Advanced Topics in Differential Geometry: The Fukaya Category
LEC 0155680MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmPhysicsP112Mark McLean

MAT 691 Advanced Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Vector Bundles on Algebraic Varieties
LEC 0155681TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmPhysicsP130Robert Lazarsfeld

MAT 696 Mathematics Seminar
Classic and new tools related to combinatorial topology and the computations of processes in space
Final Exam: No final exam
S0146503F 1:00pm- 3:55pmMathematics4130Dennis Sullivan

MAT 697 Mathematics Colloquium
S0146932Th 4:00pm- 6:00pmMathematicsP131 

MAT 698 Mathematics Seminar

MAT 699 Dissertation Resrch on Campus
T0342828    Dror Varolin
T0542830    Marcus Khuri
T0841313    Christian Schnell
T1240684    Robert Lazarsfeld
T2442842    Radu Laza
T2543466    Mark McLean
T3847543    Kenji Fukaya

MAT 700 Dissertation off Campus Domest

MAT 701 Dissertation off Campus Intern