Stony Brook Mathematics
Schedule of Classes
Spring 2018

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Mathematics Education Courses

MAE 301 Foundations of Secondary School Math
Note: Offered as MAE 301 and MAE 501
LEC 0145705MW 2:30pm- 3:50pmMathematics 4130 

MAE 302 Methods and Materials for Teaching Secondary School Math
Note: Offered as MAE 302 and MAE 520
LEC 0140704TuTh 4:00pm- 5:20pmLibraryE4310 

MAE 311 Introduction to Methods of Teaching Secondary School Math
Offered as MAE 311 and MAE 510
LEC 0148991TuTh 4:00pm- 5:20pmMathematics 4130 

MAE 312 Micro-Teaching
Note: Offered as MAE 312 and MAE 540
S0140705W 2:30pm- 3:50pmLibraryE4310 

MAE 330 Technology in Math Education
Offered as MAE 330 and MAT 517
LEC 0148992TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmFrey Hall112Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 447 Directed Readings in Math
Note: Offered as MAE 447 and MAE 530
T0140706M 2:30pm- 3:30pmPhysics P122 

MAE 451 Sup Teaching Grades 7-9
Note: Offered as MAE 451 and MAE 551

MAE 452 Sup Teaching Grades 10-12
Note: Offered as MAE 452 and MAE 552

MAE 454 Student Teaching Seminar
Note: Offered as MAE 454 and MAE 554
S0140709W 4:00pm- 6:50pmHarriman Hll115 

MAE 501 Foundtns. of Sec. Math Curric.
Note: Offered as MAE 501 and MAE 301
LEC 0145706MW 2:30pm- 3:50pmMathematics 4130 

MAE 510 Intro to Methods of Teaching
Offered as MAE 510 and MAE 311
LEC 0148993TuTh 4:00pm- 5:20pmMathematics 4130 

MAE 520 Advanced Methods of Teaching
Note: Offered as MAE 520 and MAE 302
LEC 0145704TuTh 4:00pm- 5:20pmLibraryE4310 

MAE 530 Directed Readings and Research
Note: Offered as MAE 530 and MAE 447
T0145295M 2:30pm- 3:30pmPhysics P122 

MAE 540 Clinical Experience
Note: Offered as MAE 540 and MAE 312
S0145294W 2:30pm- 3:50pmLibraryE4310 

MAE 551 Supervised Student Teaching
Note: Offered as MAE 551 and MAE 451

MAE 552 Supervised Teach High School
Note: Offered as MAE 552 and MAE 452

MAE 554 Student Teaching Seminar
Note: Offered as MAE 554 and MAE 454
S0145546W 4:00pm- 6:50pmHarriman Hll115 

MAE 698 Independent Study, Mathematics

Undergraduate Courses

MAP 103 Proficiency Algebra
Note: Evening exams at 8:45 pm 2/20, 3/30.
LEC 0140710MWF10:00am-10:53amMathematics P131 
LEC 0240711MWF12:00pm-12:53pmMathematics P131 
LEC 0340712TuTh 5:30pm- 6:50pmLibraryE4310 
LEC 0455155TuTh 4:00pm- 5:20pmFrey Hall328 

MAT 122 Overview of Calculus with Appl
LEC 0147590TuTh 4:00pm- 5:20pmLibraryE4320Jonguk Yang
R0147591Tu10:00am-10:53amEarth&Space 183 
R0247592Th11:00am-11:53amEarth&Space 183 

MAT 123 Precalculus
Note: Evening exams at 8:45 pm 2/20, 3/30.
LEC 0140717MWF10:00am-10:53amEngineering 143David Kahn*
R0140719M 7:00pm- 7:53pmLibraryE4310 
R0240720Th 8:30am- 9:23amMathematics P131 
R0440722W 4:00pm- 4:53pmLibraryE4310 
LEC 0240718TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmJavits Lectr110Christopher Scaduto
R2047874M 1:00pm- 1:53pmLibraryE4330 
R2147875W11:00am-11:53amHarriman Hll112 
R2240723M 4:00pm- 4:53pmLibraryE4320 
R2340724Th10:00am-10:53amHarriman Hll111 
R2440725Tu 5:30pm- 6:23pmEarth&Space 069 
LEC 0345522MW 4:00pm- 5:20pmEngineering 143David Kahn
R3044280M12:00pm-12:53pmLibraryE4310Deb Wertz
R3345543M 5:30pm- 6:23pmLibraryE4310 
LEC 3055023FLEX 1:00am- 1:00amOnline  
R4055024Tu 8:30am- 9:23amLibraryN4072 

MAT 125 Calculus A
Note: Evening exams at 8:45 pm 2/20, 3/30.
LEC 0140726MWF10:00am-10:53amSimons Centr103Deb Wertz
R0140729M 5:30pm- 6:23pmEarth&Space 183 
R0240730Th 4:00pm- 4:53pmEarth&Space 181 
R0340731W12:00pm-12:53pmLgt Engr Lab154 
R0440732Tu11:30am-12:23pmEarth&Space 183 
R0540733Tu 8:30am- 9:23amMathematics P131 
R0649047M11:00am-11:53amPhysics P116 
R0749048W 2:30pm- 3:23pmLgt Engr Lab154 
LEC 0240727TuTh 4:00pm- 5:20pmFrey Hall102Scott Sutherland*
R2240734W10:00am-10:53amHarriman Hll112 
R2340735Tu11:30am-12:23pmEarth&Space 079 
R2440736F 9:00am- 9:53amMathematics P131 
LEC 0340728MW 4:00pm- 5:20pmJavits Lectr102Robert Andersen
R3040737M10:00am-10:53amHarriman Hll112 
R3149052F11:00am-11:53amPhysics P116 
R3249054W 7:00pm- 7:53pmPhysics P116 
R3340738Tu 2:30pm- 3:23pmEarth&Space 181 
R3449055W 5:30pm- 6:23pmPhysics P127 
R3540739Th 5:30pm- 6:23pmLibraryE4330 
R3649056M 2:30pm- 3:23pmPhysics P116 

MAT 126 Calculus B
Note: Evening exams at 8:45 pm. 2/21, 3/29
LEC 0140740MWF10:00am-10:53amEarth&Space 001Robert Andersen
R0240744Tu 4:00pm- 4:53pmEarth&Space 079 
R0340745Tu 5:30pm- 6:23pmLibraryE4330 
R0440746Th 8:30am- 9:23amLibraryE4320 
R0545405M 1:00pm- 1:53pmLibraryE4310 
R0640747M 9:00am- 9:53amMathematics P131 
R0855132Th 2:30pm- 3:23pmPhysics P116 
LEC 0240741TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmJavits Lectr102Ruobing Zhang
R2140749Tu 8:30am- 9:23amLibraryE4320 
R2245406Th 1:00pm- 1:53pmLibraryE4310 
R2345635F 1:00pm- 1:53pmLibraryE4310 
R2445636W12:00pm-12:53pmEarth&Space 069 
R2545637M10:00am-10:53amHarriman Hll116 
LEC 0340742MW 4:00pm- 5:20pmEarth&Space 001William Bernhard*
R3045646W 9:00am- 9:53amMathematics P131 
R3149062Tu10:00am-10:53amEarth&Space 181 
R3349064Th 4:00pm- 4:53pmSocbehav SciN310 
R3449065W 5:30pm- 6:23pmEarth&Space 181 
R3549066M 5:30pm- 6:23pmLibraryN4000 
R3649067Tu 1:00pm- 1:53pmLibraryN4000 
R3755133M12:00pm-12:53pmPhysics P112 

MAT 127 Calculus C
Note: Evening exams at 8:45 pm. 2/8, 2/27, 3/29
LEC 0140750MWF10:00am-10:53amLibraryE4310Luigi Lombardi
LEC 0240751TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmEarth&Space 069Christian Schnell*
LEC 0445523TuTh 4:00pm- 5:20pmEarth&Space 069Erkao Bao

MAT 131 Calculus I
Note: Evening exams at 8:45 pm. 2/21, 3/29. Not for credit in addition to MAT125 or 141 or AMS151.
LEC 0140752TuTh 4:00pm- 5:20pmLgt Engr Lab102Zhiqiang Li
R0140753MW12:00pm-12:53pmEarth&Space 181 
R0240754TuTh10:00am-10:53amHarriman Hll112 

MAT 132 Calculus II
Note: Evening exams at 8:45 pm. 2/21, 3/29
LEC 0140756MWF10:00am-10:53amHarriman Hll137Adrian Brunyate
R0340760TuTh 8:30am- 9:23amLibraryE4310 
R0440761MW11:00am-11:53amEarth&Space 069 
LEC 0240757MW 4:00pm- 5:20pmEngineering 145Robert Hough*
R2040762TuTh 5:30pm- 6:23pmLibraryE4320 
R2140763MW10:00am-10:53amEarth&Space 079 

MAT 200 Logic, Language and Proof
LEC 0140765TuTh11:30am-12:50pmLibraryN4000Marie-Louise Michelsohn
LEC 0245773MW 4:00pm- 5:20pmLibraryN4006Julia Viro

MAT 203 Calculus III with Applications
Note: May not be taken for credit in addition to MAT 205 or AMS 261.
LEC 0140766MWF12:00pm-12:53pmLgt Engr Lab102Luigi Lombardi
R0140767Tu 2:30pm- 3:23pmLibraryE4330 
R0245236W10:00am-10:53amEarth&Space 069 
R0355119M 2:30pm- 3:50pmEarth&Space 183 
LEC 0248447MWF10:00am-10:53amLibraryW4550Demetre Kazaras
R2047098M12:00pm-12:53pmPhysics P117 
R2255120M 2:30pm- 3:50pmChemistry 126 

MAT 211 Introduction to Linear Algebra
Note: May not be taken for credit in addition to AMS 201 or AMS 210.
LEC 0140768MW 2:30pm- 3:50pmLibraryE4330Julia Viro
LEC 0247873TuTh 4:00pm- 5:20pmLibraryE4330Yi Xie
LEC 0347923TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmLibraryE4320Michael Anderson
LEC 0448159MWF10:00am-10:53amLibraryW4535Benjamin McMillan
grader 2,3      
grader 1      
grader 4      

MAT 220 Vector Geometry
LEC 0149524TuTh 4:00pm- 5:20pmLibraryN4006Jozef Bodnár

MAT 303 Calculus IV with Applications
Note: May not be taken for credit in addition to MAT 305 or AMS 361.
LEC 0140769MWF10:00am-10:53amPsychology A137Lowell Jones
LEC 0248449TuTh 8:30am- 9:50amLgt Engr Lab102Marie-Louise Michelsohn
R2148450Th11:00am-11:53amPhysics P127 
R2255164Tu 4:00pm- 4:53pmPhysics P117 

MAT 308 Differential Eq. w/ Linear Alg
LEC 0146700MW 4:00pm- 5:20pmEarth&Space 069Vardan Oganesyan
R0146702Th 4:00pm- 4:53pmEarth&Space 183 

MAT 310 Linear Algebra
LEC 0140628TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmLibraryE4310David Ebin
R0145401M 9:00am- 9:53amLibraryE4310 
R0245402Tu 8:30am- 9:23amEarth&Space 181 
LEC 0255118TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmFrey Hall316Oleg Viro
R2055117W12:00pm-12:53pmFrey Hall309 

MAT 311 Number Theory
LEC 0147429TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmLibraryN3074Timothy Ryan

MAT 312 Applied Algebra
Note: Offered as MAT 312 and AMS 351.
LEC 0140629TuTh10:00am-11:20amMathematics P131Mark De Cataldo
LEC 0247924MWF11:00am-11:53amMathematics P131Lowell Jones
R2047925W 8:30am- 9:23amLibraryW4535 

MAT 314 Abstract Algebra II
LEC 0155077TuTh11:30am-12:50pmEarth&Space 181Mark De Cataldo

MAT 319 Foundations of Analysis
LEC 0144293TuTh11:30am-12:50pmLibraryE4330Robert Silversmith

MAT 320 Introduction to Analysis
Note: Students should enroll in MAT 319. After 6 weeks, student will move into MAT 320.
LEC 0148451TuTh11:30am-12:50pmMathematics P131Aleksey Zinger
R0148452MW10:00am-10:53amEarth&Space 181 

MAT 322 Analysis in Several Dimensions
LEC 0140630TuTh11:30am-12:50pmLgt Engr Lab154Michael Anderson

MAT 331 Computer-Assisted Mathematical Problem Solving
LEC 0140631TuTh11:30am-12:50pmMathematics S235MLetao Zhang

MAT 336 History of Mathematics
LEC 0144297TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmEarth&Space 079Ljudmila Kamenova

MAT 341 Applied Real Analysis
LEC 0148160TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmLibraryW4535Marco Martens

MAT 342 Applied Complex Analysis
LEC 0140632TuTh 1:00pm- 2:20pmLibraryE4330Sabyasachi Mukherjee
LEC 0255156MWF11:00am-11:53amFrey Hall313 

MAT 351 Diff Equatns: Dynamics & Chaos
LEC 0147843TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysics P116Marco Martens

MAT 360 Geometric Structures
LEC 0140633TuTh10:00am-11:20amLibraryE4330Russell Lodge

MAT 362 Differential Geom of Surfaces
LEC 0140634TuTh 1:00pm- 2:20pmEarth&Space 181Marcus Khuri

MAT 373 Analysis of Algorithms
Note: Offered as MAT 373 and CSE 373.
LEC 0140635MF 1:00pm- 2:20pmLgt Engr Lab102Robert Patro
LEC 0255061MWF12:00pm-12:53pmHarriman Hll137 

MAT 402 Seminar in Mathematics
S0146818TuTh10:00am-11:20amEarth&Space 177Ljudmila Kamenova

MAT 459 Write Effectively

MAT 475 Undergrad Teaching Practicum

MAT 487 Indep Study in Special Topics

MAT 495 Honors Thesis

Graduate Courses

MAT 512 Algebra for Teachers
LEC 0144302MW 4:00pm- 5:20pmMathematics 4130C. Denson Hill

MAT 513 Analysis for Teachers I
LEC 0145547MW 5:30pm- 6:50pmMathematics 4130Jason Starr

MAT 517 Calculators/Computers for Teachers
Offered as MAT 517 and MAE 330
LEC 0148989TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmFrey Hall112Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAT 531 Topology, Geometry II
LEC 0140637TuTh10:00am-11:20amMathematics 4130Marcus Khuri

MAT 533 Real Analysis II
LEC 0149519TuTh 1:00pm- 2:20pmEarth&Space 183Raanan Schul

MAT 535 Algebra II
LEC 0140638MW11:30am-12:50pmMathematics 4130Alexander Kirillov

MAT 536 Complex Analysis I
LEC 0149520MW 2:30pm- 3:50pmEarth&Space 177Blaine Lawson

MAT 542 Algebraic Topology II
LEC 0155087WF 2:30pm- 3:30pmSocbehav SciN118Mark McLean

MAT 552 Intro to Lie Groups and Algebr
LEC 0149521TuTh10:00am-11:20amPhysics P123Mikhail Movshev

MAT 555 Introduction to Dynamical Systems
LEC 0147393TuTh10:00am-11:20amLgt Engr Lab154Mikhail Lyubich

MAT 561 Mathematical Physics II
LEC 0149522MW 2:30pm- 3:50pmLibraryN3033Leon Takhtajan

MAT 566 Differential Topology
LEC 0147392TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmMathematics 4130Aleksey Zinger

MAT 569 Differential Geometry
LEC 0140639TuTh11:30am-12:50pmMathematics 4130Ruobing Zhang

MAT 589 Introduction to Algebraic Geom
S0148453TuTh 1:00pm- 2:20pmPhysics P122Robert Lazarsfeld

MAT 599 M.A. Research

MAT 615 Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Complex Surfaces
LEC 0140640MW10:00am-11:20amMathematics 4130Radu Laza

MAT 627 Topics in Complex Analysis: Quasi-conformal Mapping
LEC 0148990TuTh10:00am-11:20amPhysics P122Christopher Bishop

MAT 645 Topics in Differential Geometry: Twistor Techniques in Differential Geometry II
LEC 0149513TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysics P122Claude LeBrun

MAT 656 Topics in Dynamical Systems: Complex Dynamics in Dimension 2
LEC 0155083TuTh10:00am-11:20amPhysics P124Eric Bedford

MAT 671 Advanced Topics in Complex Analysis: Deformations of Complex Manifolds
LEC 0155084TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysics P123Dror Varolin

MAT 683 Advanced Topics in Differential Geometry: Current Developments in Ricci Flow
LEC 0149523TuTh 2:30pm- 3:50pmPhysics P125Xiuxiong Chen

MAT 696 Mathematics Seminar
S01 Topological Methods in Geometry and Algebra and S02 RTG Seminar
S0148460F 4:00pm- 6:30pmPhysics P122Dennis Sullivan
S0255085    Christian Schnell

MAT 697 Mathematics Colloquium
S0149592Th 4:00pm- 6:00pmMathematics P131 

MAT 698 Mathematics Seminar

MAT 699 Dissertation Resrch on Campus

MAT 700 Dissertation off Campus Domest

MAT 701 Dissertation off Campus Intern