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State University of New York at Stony Brook


Ahlfors-Bers Colloquium
Stony Brook, November 6-8 1998


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Financial Assistance

A grant from the National Science Foundation, will provide a limited amount of matching funds for graduate students and postdocs partially supported by their own institutions. The deadline for applying for support is October 1, 1998.

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Banquet Information

On Saturday evening, 7 November 1998, there will be a banquet at the Danfords Inn Restaurant, in Port Jefferson. The cost will be about $45.00 per person. Vegetarian meals will be provided upon request. Cooperative carpool arrangements will be made to provide transportation to this event.

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Registration Fee

There is a registration fee of $25.00 for participants, to cover for coffee and doughnuts.

Please mail your check, made out to "Chairman's Fund", to

Ahlfors-Bers Colloquium,
c/o Lucille Meci,
Department of Mathematics,
State University of New York,
Stony Brook, NY 11794- 3651.

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